nursery gliders

When looking at varieties of gliders, I thought I had it nailed down to comfort and design. I set aside a pretty huge chunk of my budget for the nursery to get something nice, classic, and modern. Here were my ideas.
Presidio glider

serena & lily – presidio glider

west elm graham glider

west elm – graham glider

vola wingback glider

monte – vola wingback glider

myles glider

dwell – myles glider

That was until I was driving to the grocery store and saw a garage sale! I just had to stop. They had a lot of vintage pieces displayed, including tables and chairs. But it wasn’t until I parked and walked up to the garage sale, that I saw this gem! It had some of the components I wanted; rocking ability, high back for my sleepy head, but also a unique mid-century look. For $15.00, I got this rocking chair… and an ottoman! Double Score! I brought it home and cleaned up the mountain of dust on it, and it looked better already!

Rocker - Before

It looks pretty nice “as-is” but I had other ideas for this rocker. I wanted more padding in the seat and backrest, as well as have the wood sanded and lightened a bit.

That night, I googled my rocker and found a couple great ideas googling Bentwood Rocking Chairs, that caught my eye.

green brentwood


blue brentwood


And then I found this picture, which completely made my day… one of my favorite arts (That’s Picasso folks!) in a Bentwood rocker! Awesome! It was a sign from the gods, it was meant to be! Ha!

Picasso in a Brentwood


Luckily for me (well sort of), I’ve been holding on to one of my patient’s business cards; he has been refinishing wood and upholstering furniture from his home. I called him and had him assess the chair. He was on board with my ideas of keeping the wood finish (no crazy paint, here) and adding a better seat/backrest. I was super excited (and nervous) to see his handy work! For $120.00, and $35.00 for the fabric, I think I did rather well! Here’s the final look!

Bentwood Rocker

It turned out wonderfully. Well, sort of… besides trying to get the guy off the idea that a one week turn-around meant two months, with no returned phone calls, and a lot of chaos in-between, AND still an imperfect chair … The back he upholstered is already coming off. (tears and frustration.) Plus, I talked to a lot of moms that said having a glider and using minimal energy to rock, is the best thing at 2am, hands down! So, my garage sale find is now in my living room, and we ultimately invested in the West Elm Graham Glider and ottoman because the others would take 8-12 weeks to deliver and I don’t think we have that much time! You win some, you lose some!


nursery closet

BB Closet

Since the baby showers, this kid has amassed a bigger wardrobe than both of his parents combined! So, I really wanted to freshen up the closet space in the nursery, simply with a layer of paint.

At first, I wanted to do stripes, but painting when you’re pregnant isn’t that much fun, especially edging in small spaces… So, I kept it simple with one color. Maybe some weekend I’ll get my energy up to do stripes but not now, it’s going to have to do. Here’s my semi-before (a.k.a. Sarah forgot to take a before picture photo.)

Nursery Closet Semi-Paint

I picked Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray HC-146 in Natura, no VOC paint, so I don’t disturb the bambino while I paint. It’s a water-based paint and I recommend spending the extra penny to save yourself from the fumes. I loved the color contrast from the actual nursery to the more gender specific color hidden in this space. Plus, a splash of color when you open the closet is always fun!

Painting the closet also helped me organize everything, too! Now, I just have to figure out when to clean all his clothes for his arrival. I’m getting super excited to meet this little guy.

Nursery Closet Finished

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!