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Cover Windows

614 Parkview-0118-30NTREIS

Yep, this is the same list that had me hyperventilating the day we put it together. I wanted a fixer-upper, why? Right, because the price is low-er and well, it’s fun picking out your own stuff and seeing each room come alive! Or that’s what I keep telling myself! Ha.

I’ll try to put up before-and-progress pictures as things change.

General all over to-do
Get carpets cleaned, Re-Paint trim & doors, Install wood floors, Install baseboards, Re-caulk crown molding, R/R vents, Paint ceiling, R/R windows, R/R sliding back door, R/R all door hardware, Caulk all trim, Caulk nail holes and repaint baseboards, Fix all cracks in ceiling.

Front Entry



614 Parkview-0118-32NTREISFront Door Projects
New Mailbox, New Wreath, R/R front railings, New front fixture, New front door, new house numbers.


Progress (plus a Pug butt!)

Entryway - Progress

Take down wallpaper, Paint Entry – Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor 2111-50, Remove divider, Replace entry light, PB bench & hook (craigslist!), Runner rug, Sand/paint awning under piece, R/R front door, Open up entry to family room, Door stopper, Re-function closet interior, “S” oversized letter, Something for keys?!?, New light fixture, Pull wires out in closet, add recessed lights.

Living/Dining Room



614 Parkview-0118-13NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-14NTREIS

Living/Dining Room Projects

Paint room – Benjamin Moore Bennington gray HC-82, Remove chandelier & it’s crown molding, Buy dining room table (reclaimed wood/farm table), Dining Chairs and bench, Buy sectional or sofa, 1 chairs (tufted brown leather), coffee table, end tables, recessed lights x 4-6, buy French workbench, Buy curved floor lamp, Rug (or use rug from family room), Basket




614 Parkview-0118-18NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-17NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-22NTREIS

Back Hallway



Back Hallway Projects
Paint Hallway – Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45, New fixture/recessed lighting, New switch cover, New hardware, Some art on the wall?, Re-organize/function closet, Crown molding, New glass door?.

1/2 Bath



DSC_06001/2 Bath Projects
New paint – Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 & Halo OC-46, Remove/replace sink, Remove/replace mirror/medicine cabinet, Remove/Replace fixture, New hardware,Demo cabinet, Demo soffit above.




Laundry - ProgressLaundry Projects
New paint – Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray HC-105, Demo cabinets, Install new cabinets, Build counter
 top, Buy/Install cabinets, Install 
backsplash, new washer and dryer, Remove door sliding bar & decorative wood, New fixture, Repaint door frame.

4th Bedroom > Guest Room


Progress (Office)

Progress (Now our guest room and a mini office!)

614 Parkview-0118-21NTREIS

614 Parkview-0118-20NTREIS4th Bedroom Projects

Paint room – Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray HC-105, 
Take down weird adhesive, Cushion for window seat, New light fixture, Organize bookshelves, Organize closet, Paint back of bookshelves or wallpaper. Some day change into a guest room.

Family Room



614 Parkview-0118-23NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-25NTREISFamily Room Projects
Paint long-horn base, New Paint – Benjamin Moore – Early Morning Mist 1528, R/R track lights to recessed lighting, New drapes/hardware, Fix old internet boxes area, Fix hole below TV, R/R furniture & rug, Take down paneling, Open up both entries (To kitchen and entry), New coffee table, R/R speakers, Paint mantle & brick, wallpaper dry bar shelves, Backsplash for dry bar, add skylight?!?

Bedroom Hallway



Bedroom Hallway Projects
Paint hallway – Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45, R/R doorbell cover, R/R attic vent, New sconce light, Re-organize linen closet, Art on the walls, New glass door for entry to bedroom hall, New sconce, New doorbell.

2nd Guest Bedroom



2nd Guest Room Projects – Paint room – Benjamin Moore Pashmina AF-100, Headboard, New sheets/duvet.

Jack’s Big Boy Room (Formally our 2nd Guest Bedroom)

614 Parkview-0118-03NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-04NTREISBoy Nursery Project – details here.

1st Guest Room


ProgressGuest - Progress1st Bedroom Project – Paint room – Benjamin Moore Pashmina AF-100, Fix holes, R/R fixture, Replace 2 electric covers by closet, Reorganize/function closet & paint closet, Remove hook from ceiling, R/R closet door hardware, fix crown molding.

Meredith’s Nursery (Formally known as our 1st Guest Bedroom)

614 Parkview-0118-01NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-02NTREIS

Main Bathroom



614 Parkview-0118-05NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-06NTREIS

Main bathroom project
Paint everything – Benjamin Moore Stingray 1529, R/R bath door, Remove hook in ceiling, Reupholster chair or just clean it, New shower curtain & rod.

(Some day remodel the whole thing!)

Master Bedroom



614 Parkview-0118-07NTREIS614 Parkview-0118-10NTREIS

Master bedroom project
Paint room -Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor 2111-50, Paint ceiling, Remove hooks, Buy headboard, Buy dresser, Buy 2 night stands, Buy and install two scones, R/R fan, new furniture.

Master Bathroom



614 Parkview-0118-08NTREIS

614 Parkview-0118-09NTREIS

Remove one file cabinet
Reorganize space
Fix garage door gaps




614 Parkview-0118-28NTREIS

Backyard Projects

R/R pergola or put up new, Remove white chairs/birdhouses, cute twinkle lights, add a couple hanging plants in back, new furniture, install TV, build in grill, New wreath, Fun decoration on brick, address landscaping.

3 thoughts on “home project list

  1. Hi – I painted a room in BJ Stone Harbor, it turned out a light blue/grey with definite blue tones. I checked the room at different angles and different times of the day. The color beneath it was BJ Hemp Seed and I used the BJ line with a built in primer. Did your walls come out more blue gray? The color chart shows it is in the brown/taupe family? Thanks.

    • Hi Ann! I 100% agree with you. Stone Harbor is a moody blue/gray with some purple, too, maybe. We have it in both our entryway and master bedroom and it does look different in each room but still in the blue/gray family for sure. BM needs to talk to us about the brown/taupe category… a good one for that is Pashmina AF-100, it’s my personal favorite. The swatch is underwhelming but oh, the walls are beautiful! :) Hope that helps!

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