one month

JPS Feet

There is a crazy time phenomena going on in our household… the time between 8am and 6pm seems to go slow and I fumble through the day, yet this month has been the fastest month of my life. I have learned so much in this last month about myself and this kid, and I think I googled more in the last month than I ever have as well.

You can put a newborn back to bed if they have hiccups. Don’t worry, I googled it.

Jack started to give us a couple more hours of sleep at night. Thank God, because I thought we were going to have to return him. We have had a couple nights where he has slept 5 – 7 hours! We both thanked him, personally.

He’s starting to be more aware of his environment, too. Following objects and loving those ceiling fans. He’s also working on his tummy time, and I cannot wait for him to get the dogs in his sights, making tummy time even more fun. I’ll keep you posted. We also think he’s grown quite a bit, though I don’t know how much these pictures convey this? His pajamas which he was swimming in, now are beginning to fit! Go Jack!

JPS 1-4 weeks

I just cannot believe how attached I have become to this kid in such a short time. He makes me laugh daily with all of his expressions. Serious old man face (that center part in his hair and chin rolls I want to eat up!) to Toothless grin and Katy Perry “Roar” impressions! Ha. He’s such a ham and I love him SO much.

Serious Baby

Happy Baby


Happy one month, Jack! I’ll love you more than you’ll ever know… well, maybe when you have your first baby, you’ll realize just how much.

JPS Side

*Thanks Rachael, Matt, & Will for the adorable overalls!

first road trip

We took our first road trip with Jack this past weekend. It was an impromptu short trip for some unfortunate circumstances, but we tried to make the best of it with friends and family.

Road Trip

We set out Friday with our fingers crossed that Jack would be able to make a 10 hour+ drive without screaming the whole way. At first he wasn’t a fan; the pacifier was in and out, but about 20 minutes in he was a champ and was game for the road trip! The only crying we heard from him was at the three-hour mark – he was starving and he wanted us to know it!!

Saturday, the hubs went to a funeral, while I recovered from the rager Jack decided to have the night before. Apparently, I didn’t get the party invitation from 11-3 am. 

After recovering, we spent the afternoon with family and friends. The hubs played with the nieces and nephews, while Jack was passed from person to person.

croquetJack had a lot of fans. And the hubs and I realized we now have leverage for people to come see us! Ha.

Jack Love

There is just something great about having family around. Having someone to take your baby even when he’s fussy, being able to veg out in sweatpants and spit up on your shorts with no judgement, and people there to laugh about the amount of pork one family can consume. Oh, family, we maybe quirky, but it’s a fun group.

Snitkers 8:2013

But by Sunday it was time to head South… I think Jack was pooped from all the love.


We had a wonderful weekend and I was so pleased to get out of the house, though scary; it felt good to interact with humans.

*Thank you Arlyn for the photography. I brought my camera but was too lazy/tired to get it out.


Since having our dogs, I never thought twice about spending money on them. I would think long and hard if I was considering something for myself, but with our dogs it was another story. Otis our pug was referred to a dermatologist for his allergies. Before we knew it, he was getting patch tested and put on immune specific allergy shots, ketoconazole shampoo, and a strict rabbit formula diet. Because rabbits are less allergenic? I’m serious. Yes, it was expensive, but these were our babies and we want the best possible life for our K9 family!

That being said, that idea has now extended to our baby boy. I can see it already. While we were in the hospital, they had a photographer come in and take a couple pictures of him. It took all of 20 minutes to get him naked, prop him up on some white sheets, and the photographer to do her thing.

I thought to myself: I could do that at home. Don’t agree to the photos Sarah.

She then uploaded them and put them to some sentimental music and loving quotes on some generic PowerPoint deck, inevitably making me feel these days are fleeting and obligating me to buy the photos. I looked at the hubs and he knew all too well, regardless of what I said prior to the photographer coming into the room… we’re buying them. They are only that little once, right?

Don’t worry, I bought them without the cheesy backgrounds and music. I have some standards.

With that, I wanted to share some of the expensive 20 min photo shoot with you! Jack’s all but 3 days old here! He’s already changed so much.

Maybe this will prepare me to saying “no” to the 96 count crayons and make Jack get the 24 count instead. Or the Air Jordan’s he’ll claim he needs to play basketball that much better.

… I’ll probably say yes to both. Because he’s worth it, the photos where worth it, and his mom’s a sucker for him already.

flyin’ solo


This week the hubs headed back to work, which left Jack and I alone to fend for ourselves.

I’m a rather anxious person by nature, and the idea of being alone was no exception. What if I don’t know what he needs? It reminds me of the those survival shows. They send contestants out to some remote destination and see if they survive. Except, I’m in Dallas, and have all the amenities one would need to succeed. Plus, it’s my kid; my prize is keeping him happy for a whole week.

Though it does feel like I’m in an African desert because of this Texas heat! Horrible. It’s been triple digits all week, making it not the ideal environment to head outdoors with a newborn.

It turns out, Jack is pretty easy. Right now at least.

  • He likes his sleep. Just not at night.
  • He doesn’t like hats or being swaddled when sleeping. Hands above the head is a must. Genetic? See above.
  • He’ll fall asleep 99% of the time while feeding, so I must change his diaper, clothes, etc, between sets.
  • He’s a sweetheart and going easy on his mom.

Other than that, I stare at his face for hours and take way too may pictures of him.
Jack's 1st Week

Happy Weekend Friends, and thanks Jack!

Me & J

one whole week

Jack 1 week

We survived a whole week with Jack in our lives! I guess, more like, he survived a whole week with us! Either way, here’s his one week photo! I plan to do these until he leaves for college…

I’m only mildly joking.

BUT I might refer to him in weeks or months until then. Ha.

And one outtake that makes me laugh every time! What a ham!

JPS Smile

welcome home

Welcome Home

We were welcomed home by signs, balloons, flowers, and even Tiff’s treats! All wonderful items from wonderful friends and family.

We got discharged from the hospital on Thursday; it was a scary scene saying goodbye to our wonderful nurses and staff members at the hospital. But, we knew it was time to start our new life as a family of three. We got Jack all dressed up for his ride home (thanks Seth & Natalie).

going home JPS

He didn’t seem as nervous as his parents to leave the hospital. It was honestly one of the most nervous feelings I’ve ever had walking away from the hospital and stepping foot into the real world. The hubs drove home with two hands on the wheel, staying in the slowest lane. I, on the other hand, spent most of the drive white knuckling the door handle and looking back at Jack. So little. So cute. Why the heck did they let us leave with him?

Car seat

Since then, I have no concept of real time, what day it is, or even what was on my old to do list. Everything seems so arbitrary, because now, I have a kid to take care of. No Keeping up with the Kardashian’s on Jack’s schedule.

The last of our visiting family all left Friday, and now I find myself concerned with diapers and what’s in them, when I last fed him, and if its time to take more Motrin. I guess that’s why most people refer to this time as a parent as “the fog,” that period of newborn life that you are completely deprived of sleep and the outside world… just to keep up with this little person’s needs.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard.

Really hard.

There are times I questions people’s sanity of having more than one, but then Jack makes me love him all over again, with the way he looks when he’s all swaddled (I think he looks like a sumo wrestler) or his sweet face all drunk after eating. It’s amazing how thankful I am when his gives me 3 1/2 hours between feedings. Last night I cheered to Paul that it was 5:45 am! 5:45 am, Paul!! Never in my life have I been more excited about 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Mainly, I take pictures of Jack when I get him up for feedings and spend my days questioning what I did to deserve such an amazing gift. He’s amazing. God is so good. Tears. Lots of happy tears.

Jack completely swaddled

Jack One Arm swaddle

Jack unswaddled

I have a new found love and respect for another amazing man, the one I picked to be my co-parent in this new adventure and whom Jack will get to call dad. (Yep, tears. again.) He has been amazing at trying to keep the wheels from falling off the house and especially, me. And has done extremely well at both. It’s been truly amazing to see him with Jack and take charge of so many things around the house. Or just be there at 2 am or 4 am or 5 am to ask if I need a glass of water while feeding Jack.

Paul & Jack

We’re surviving. We can do this. We are survivors. We might even be parenting?!

I am so truly blessed to have these two men in my life. I know it will all get even better but want to make sure I stop and enjoy this crazy, sleep deprived, tear filled, what-the-hell-am-I-doing time, too.

Happy what-ever-day-it-is, Friends!