baby food

baby food

Jack hit another milestone last month with the addition of pureed food. We elected to breastfeed exclusively (pumping while I was at work) until 6 months, so I was excited and nervous to start another process with Jack. I did what I do with everything and asked other moms, searched the internet, and had a plan in place to start the process of introducing food. It’s surprisingly been a super fun process, relatively easy, and overall enjoyable for both me and Jack. I’ve really enjoyed discovering raw foods with Jack and find that sometimes simple food, baked or steamed, are so flavorful by themselves that they really don’t need all the salt and spices most of us have grown accustomed to in our adult lives.

On Jack’s 6 month visit, his pediatrician said to use the “3 day rule” for introducing foods. Try something for three days, see if he has a reaction, and then you can move on to additional foods. And how much to eat? Our pediatrician said whatever he can get down in 10 minutes is fine. At this point, its more of getting your baby familiar with the spoon and swallowing than the actual nutritional value. I put on our refrigerator calendar every three days what new foods we are introducing so I won’t get confused. I found an awesome list on this site; they have printables of what your baby can eat at which age, plus a bunch of recipes and other great information about feeding your baby.


Cooking for Baby & Top 100 Baby Purees

Two baby food books I bought (and like) are pictured above, but honestly you can rent them from the library or just look up recipes online to save yourself money. Plus, early on, all you need to know is bake and puree or steam and puree. Simple!

The items I purchased or already had in my kitchen:baby food jars

Sweet Potatoes

An easy puree to make is sweet potatoes. Preheat oven to 425°. Place sweet potatoes on baking sheet and pierce the potatoes with a fork. Bake for 45 – 60 minutes until potatoes are wrinkled and tendered. I cut mine in half and spoon all of the contents into a blender or food processor. I, then, add a little water to the mixture, but you can add breast milk or formula, too. If you’re making something you steam, such as apples, pears, peas or carrots, I use the juice from the dreaming process and add it to the puree. Puree until smooth.

Sweet Potatoes

Once pureed to the consistency you like, place them into ice cube trays. I fill the trays using a spatula; once filled, I shake/tap the trays to get any air bubbles out and use the spatula to smooth out the top of the cubes.

I also put one glass container in the refrigerator for the next meal.

baby food

Clean off the edges of the tray and place them in the freezer over night.

food cubes

The next morning, you just pop those cubes out and place them into a Ziploc bag until you need them! Don’t forget to label them with the date! Simple, right? That’s 20 meals of sweet potatoes!

Cubed SP

I just grab one of these at lunch or dinner after I nurse Jack, and he loves them. I do add a little cinnamon to my sweet potatoes and sometimes a little breast milk to make the best consistency for Jack. The best prize of all is seeing your little one gobble up all the goodness! Well worth your efforts!

Jack's food faceJack’s happy, I’m happy. Happy Week Friends!

i have a problem

Jack Sleeping

Flipping through my phone I realized I have a problem. I take WAY too many pictures of my kid sleeping. I mentioned here we got the Withings Baby Monitor and we love it. It’s simple to use; all you need is your smart phone or iPad to access your sleeping or rolling-over baby.

Monitor PicsEven when he’s crying, he is cute! I might keep this in his room until he’s eighteen!

JPS - Crib Flip

Happy week, Friends!

chicken and asparagus stir fry


This delicious dish came from Living Lean by Mike Dolce, the hubs got a while back. We were paging through it, trying to find new meal options to make a monotonous week feel more alive in the meal department. Luck would have it that the hubs stumbled across this one, and we fell in love with this delicious dish. It’s pretty simple, easy to make after work, and I think if Jack was older, he would like it, too. We’ve paired it with quinoa here, but we’ve also made it with rice and potatoes, too. All great pairings for this delicious dish or simply on it’s own if you’re carb leery. As always, enjoy!



  • 2 chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces (I just use my kitchen shears) 
  • 1 bunch thin asparagus (about 20 stalks)
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 1 medium shallot, minced
  • 2 tbsp. low-sodium soy sauce or teriyaki

Start by breaking off the thick ends of the asparagus; wash what remains and cut into bite-sized pieces. Steam asparagus for 7-10 minutes, or until bright green, and then set aside.


In a large pan, sauté shallot and garlic in peanut oil for about 2 minutes.


Add chicken and continue to sauté about 6 minutes or until pink disappears.

C&A Cooking Chicken

Pour into heat-safe serving bowl and mix in asparagus.

C&A w:soy

Add 2 Tbsp. low-sodium soy sauce or teriyaki sauce and serve!

7 months

7mn cover

Jack turned 7 months over the weekend. The time between month six and seven went really s l o w. I found myself asking if I had forgotten a month of pictures… and that was awesome. With Jack growing so quickly and changing almost daily, it was wonderful thinking time slowed, if only for a month.

The time with Jack continues to amaze us both. Jack communicates daily with voice and actions, and he’s starting the motions of crawling, more like rolling and shifting with his arms. He looks much like a mermaid out of water. Sorry, merman! Because of his movements, he’s becoming more exploratory and independent. He can play on his mat or in his bouncer for 10 – 20 minutes, which allows us to make dinner or just zone out a bit. But, Jack does take the occasional nose dive which keeps us on our toes. He’ll put anything in his mouth from Otis’s tennis balls (our pug), to pieces of mail, to licking the fireplace. I think he’s just marking his territory in a completely different way. Or he might be watching the dogs too much!?! Food he’s liking lately: carrots, sweet potatoes with cinnamon, oatmeal and rice cereal. He isn’t a fan of zucchini or bananas, thus far. I think the bananas were a fluke because who doesn’t like bananas! Come on, Jack! Next up this week, avocado and pears!  Jack’s also holding his own bottle but only when he feels like it.

Here’s our big boy. 7 months, buddy. We love you.

7 month CollageBelow, I snapped this picture during Jack’s photo shoot. I had left the room to get something and realized this was a great “behinds the scenes” photo. It definitely takes a village (K9’s and humans, alike) to raise a baby and take monthly photos. What a simply beautiful picture of all my boys, beautiful 70 degree weather with the windows fully open in the background! Sometimes the simplest snapshots convey so much. I’m so blessed.

Behind the scenes

Happy Day, Friends!

MIT part 2

MIT II Cover

There is exactly 3 weeks left for our moms in training before the big run! Our marathon is March 23rd, and I cannot be more thrilled I’ve started this journey. I have felt a broadened sense of emotions while doing this mission. At first, it was just the hub’s coworker’s suggestion. She beat leukemia, she was going to do it, so I said I would, too. I wanted to support her cause, but maybe more so, I wanted to get back into running. It was simple.

Then, that first Saturday meet-up happened. We were introduced to a real mom engulfed in a new world of chemotherapy treatments, transfusions, and statistics of cure. She told her story of her 3-year-old son’s journey and the support team she had through moms in training and Leukemia and Lymphoma Society throughout the process. I was in tears.

This changed things. This was bigger than getting in shape. Bigger than just running. These were lives we were supporting, lives we were helping. This changed my motivation. Changed what I told myself when I laced up my shoes each run.

There are a lot of people affected by cancer daily. I see it a lot in my clinic, too. I tend not talk about my “real job” on this blog, as I consider my blogging world and work world completely different. But my two worlds combine on this mission. I help in the treatment of skin cancer. Yes, a lot of cancers are sun related, but there are many more ways a person can get these tumors. One of the frequent visitors to our clinic are people with blood disorders. We frequently see Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, Hodgkins lymphoma, and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), just to name a few. I talk to these patients now in a different way and think about the underlying fight they have with these diseases.

What an impact this whole process has made. I have been moved by the individuals in my group, the patients I work with on a daily basis, and the amazing support of family and friends who took the time to donate. I thank you, all of you, for your gifts to this wonderful society and am so excited for race day.

If you haven’t donated and would like to, click here, every little bit helps!! Thank you!