8 to finish before I’m 38

I’ve seen so many variations of this idea, so I decided to give it a try! I’m such a goal-oriented person, and I really wanted to write down some of my goals for the up coming year or years. I’ll record posts as I cross them off!

1. Donate Blood – every time I’ve tried to donate, I’ve been sent away because I had traveled somewhere where malaria is prevalent. Maybe this year? Done! Proof here.

2. Road trip to Austin, TX – I’ve lived in Dallas for almost two seven years and have yet to see Austin!

3. Go snowboarding out west – I’ve only been snowboarding in Wisconsin! Seriously. Utah, Colorado, here I come! Proof here.

4. Try Bikram yoga Proof here.

5. Start running again – I got into running when I first found Boston (young Labradors have crazy energy), then I started up again in West Virginia, Ohio, and Missouri. It seems like every time I move, I have to get the lay-of-the-land before starting up again. Boston will be pleased. Done! Proof here.

6. Take a sewing class. Done! Proof here.

7. Continue to read a book each month (I have a long list) Update! Doing it!

8. Get lasik eye surgery… When you get nervous, just think about poking your eye every morning!

9. Purchase a French work bench. I’ve been eyeing a vintage French work bench since I discovered Dallas’s Art & Design Districts. This would be my first real big vintage piece! Done! Proof here.

10. Take/Get a better “about me” photo. I’m always the picture-taker! Update! here.

11. Travel to Portland, Oregon. I’ve always had this strange love for Portland. I think it’s my alter-ego, which includes owning a Volvo 240, and becoming an organic vegan who wears Teva’s all while drinking the finest Pinot. Don’t worry my alter-ego shaves her legs. Done! July 2016. Proof coming soon. 

12. Declutter my life. Update! Proof here and here.

13. Make more meals during the week. Doing it!! 

14. Visit Klyde Warren Park. Done! Maternity leave was awesome for exploring the city!!

15. Visit Napa Valley – Wine, California, maybe even Amy & Mondana! Enough said.

16. Meet another dermatology PA – I’m bad at networking. I love my little clinic and doctor. Done! Proof here.

17. Get a spray tan – I tried it once and turned orange. I want to try it again because real sun is a no-no working in dermatology but looking pale isn’t fun either. Done! Proof here.

18. Pamper myself – get a facial and massage and maybe mani/pedi all in one day. Or 2 out of 3 wouldn’t be bad either! Done! Proof here.

19. Make a mini-herb garden – honestly, I feel like I have a black thumb, but maybe I can try this! Plus, the herb markers are fun! Done! Proof here.

20. Make our dining room table or commission someone to make it! Maybe get barn wood? reclaimed wood? Done! Proof here and here

21. Buy a David Yurman ring. Done!

22. Go to the Dallas Arboretum. Done! Proof here.

23. Buy a bike – I want to feel like a kid again and explore White Rock Lake. Done! Proof here.

24. Dye my hair back to it’s “original/natural” hair color. Less expense, less upkeep and I hope to look less pale, too. Done! Proof here.

25. Have our neighbors over for dinner. We always say we will… Once we get a dining table (see #21), then we will. We owe 4 couples dinner, too. P&J, J&J, E&T, T&T. Update! here. and here.

26. FLW in Wisconsin – His house is outside Madison. I would love to visit.

27. Chicago – I love Chicago. My best friend lives there. It’s a fun city, and there are always fun new shops to explore! But I need to do two things I haven’t. Visit The Bean and FLW houses! Done! Proof here.

28. Do one pull-up. This was the one thing that kept me away from getting the Presidential Fitness Award in sixth grade. It’s time.

29. Happy & Healthy – just do it and see.

30. Take another DSLR class. There is always more to learn. And Take. More. Pictures!

31. Travel to Europe…. Italy, England or anywhere. Done! England! Yay! Proof coming!

32. Have another baby. Done, Maybe?!? Proof here.

33. Volunteer. Sunday School at our church. Done!

34. Maybe one more kiddo. Am I nuts? Done! Ha. May 15, 2018 Mr. Beau Baby!!

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