just stay

Since graduating high school, I’ve been on the move.

It started with undergrad in Moorhead, Minnesota. Then Minneapolis. Then back again to Moorhead, Minnesota. After graduation, St. Paul, Minnesota and Chicago, Illinois. I moved to Phillipi, West Virginia to start my masters and Marion, Ohio to finish. Then I moved to St. Louis, Missouri to finally live with my love and encourage him while he got his masters. Two years later, we moved again. Dallas bound for new jobs, experiences, and a completely new adventure.

Sorry the picture is so grainy! It was taken from my phone.

Collectively I’ve moved every two years, sometime less than two years, since I was seventeen. I have enjoyed the time in all these places.  It gave me new experiences, friends, and stories, but it also made me realize how much I miss those friends I’ve met who are now hundreds of miles away. I would give anything to have a few of my best friends in one city.  With that, I finally feel it’s time to stay in one place.  We made this official a couple of weeks ago and closed on our first home!  It’s a 1962 classic vintage style which in these few short weeks (two), we have really grown to love and call home.

Our first night! New house, new mattress, new chapter…. Yes, I’m already thinking about colors!

During our move, Paul’s parents came down to lend a hand.  His mom unpacked most of the kitchen, while he and his detail-oriented dad worked on the electrical and some structural issues in the attic!  It was 110 degrees outside, mind you!  I don’t know how Paul’s dad does it!  He was working before I went to work and sometimes after I went to bed on… big electrical engineering things (GFI receptacles, can light installations in the attic, running new circuits from the main panel, so Paul could have some grounded circuits) and discovering holes in our attic!  Oh, the thrill of being a homeowner.

Last friday, I had friends from across the world… okay states, surprise me for my big 3-0 birthday!  I felt overwhelmed but so happy they were here!!  It was so nice to see some of my besties, who encouraged me to get started making our new house (new to us, anyway) our home.

Andrea & Wilyna

Out for Dinner

We even had a pinata!

Boston even got into the action!

…and then we had cake!

Despite the surprise birthday festivities, I was able to start on the master bedroom. I believe you need to work on the master first. Yes, all the people that come over really don’t get to see the master quarters, but I think everyone deserves a safe haven to call home from the chaos of the day, even their house, or a non-running-in-need-of-an-ignition-switch-and-battery-vehicle.  Don’t ask.

Master bedroom post to come! :)

2 thoughts on “just stay

  1. Sarah – so excited to see the whole process. What an exciting time being a new homeowner. PS – please don’t burn yourself out because I will definitely be soliciting your artistic eye whenever i come to that point in my life. I absolutely love your style.

    Again, I’m so sad I couldn’t be there for your birthday but i’m sure you all had a blast. As soon as I settle in here with work, life, etc. I will be planning a trip to Dallas.

    Love you!

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