feasting, laughter & STL loves.

The holiday season has always made me giddy for Christmas and the New Year.  I’ve made this season no exception, trying my best to visit all who I love throughout this holiday season. 
I spent the first weekend of the holiday season in Saint Louis and could not be happier with my decision. It was such a fun experience with two of my favorite ladies and a sweet labrador, Chief (and his jolly ball).
I must say this weekend was spent with good friends and a lot of food! Good food! Our first stop was Dewey’s pizza Friday night and I’m very disappointed, I forgot my camera but we did snap a picture before we were off.
Here’s a summary of our weekend festivities via a food photographer’s eye…
Note: Though I consider myself a foodie, love baking, and cooking, and looking, and tasting, and photographing food, I really need to take more pictures of the people I am enjoying those loves with! At least I brought my camera… baby steps.
Mrs. Sarah (35 weeks) which I honestly believe is the only pregnant lady that when asked how far along she was, told me she had to get back to me with that one; somewhere in the 30’s maybe?!?  I love her zest for life and extreme laid-back attitude! It takes being around her to realize life IS way too short to sweat the small stuff or big stuff or anything and just smell the roses… or the ebelskiver’s!
 Sarah has this fun way of finding random things to do or make… which can sometimes, take the better part of the day, but when you’re with her, it’s completely fine to spend a whole morning making labor-intensive-ebelskiver, mini-goodness!
Goodness, I tell you! We made William-Sonoma cinnamon-bun filled pancakes.  Yummy!
After breakfast, we headed out for some girls’ weekend essentials: some retail therapy, manicures, pedicures and a place for lunch that our spouses tend not want to go and we actually kinda enjoy, but would never admit it!  It was good, too!
Afterwards, Sarah left, not to take a nap or complain that her feet were hurting, no, just that she had another event to attend that night… which left Andrea and I… and this has never been a good idea, to others besides us.
Besides all the food, these girls make me so happy and carefree. I’ve laughed more than I have in a long time. I also realized how important friendships are. They are both so unique and important; I’m so lucky to know them, to call them true and great friends.
Here’s to new chapters in both their lives: Sarah, the most amazing, relaxed, wishes-she-had-symptoms or people-tell-her-weird-comments, pregnant lady I know! By the way, when I asked if she thought it was a girl or boy… she was like, I have no idea.  You?  Seriously, chi-laxed!
And Ms. Andrea, my shopping partner, veg out partner and just up for anything. She is such an amazing lady and is moving north to a fabulous new state… Wisconsin! I wish her all the best and secretly hope I’ll meet her up there!  This lady is a magnet for a good time, funny sayings, and is willing to work on her Chewbacca speak.
Okay, what’s Sunday without Sunday brunch…. I love coffee, and this place was a coffee lover’s and foodie’s dream!
Thank you Saint Louis, Sarah, and Andrea (Adam & Chief, too) for a fabulous weekend! I was a little leery to come back, but you made lemonade with my lemons! xoxo
I also checked off one of my top five must-watch-during-the-holiday-season movies.
The Cutting Edge. No haters please.
Happy Holidays!

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