false hope

Due to a recent influx of Asian viewer(s), I figured I would share my love for all things Asian. While I would love to believe my blog is SO great that it’s starting to gain serious international interest (153 international views in one week), it was quite disappointing to discover that they were all coming from a couple of IP addresses; yes, it appears I have a “SUPER FAN” in South Korea.

Nonetheless, my love for Asian design, cooking, and a certain best friend have not changed. Here are a few of my favorite things. I’m sure there are more, but these are a few favorites that come… to mind…

Lettuce Wraps.


Zen Design.

Fortune Cookies. (which I realize are more American than Asian)

Chinese Buddha and Buddha looking babies.

Crab Rangoon. (Really, any greasy Chinese food!)

One of my best friends and wasabi loving partners.

Next week, I’m going to attempt to re-create her mother’s lettuce wraps from her intense recipe!  I’m so excited but SO nervous she won’t be here to help!

*All photos sourced from Pinterest and Google.

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