happy birthday otie!

We celebrated our youngest’s 5th birthday this weekend. Yes, the cake has a “six” candle; after looking at pictures and doing the math, we figured out he’s actually five not six – oops! I’m a bad parent.

I do remember the day we went and looked at the future Otis. He was running amuck with his puppy mates, and they were all so adorable. Paul instantly fell in love with Otis and I his adorable fat sister. We took him home that afternoon with a toy from his childhood and said goodbye. Since then, we still send them our family card each Christmas. Though he has been threatened to be sold or given away several times, he’s been such a entertaining and lovable part of our family, I couldn’t imagine life without him. Below is a couple pictures of Otis then and now.

Otis’s celebration started by us getting all the party supplies!

Then, the guests started to arrived.

We served hot dogs and hamburgers.  After dinner, we had Otie blow out the candle… he was a little nervous about it, so I think Boston licked it (Boston’s fine).

We exchanged presents and enjoyed the rest of the event just the way Otis likes it, Chil-axin’.

Happy birthday, Buddy!

2 thoughts on “happy birthday otie!

  1. I remember when he and little Kaylee walked around the riverfront. Happy birthday to O from the O’s!

    • Oh Jill, I should of put a picture of them in the post! They were so cute together! The perfect size and matching baby bellies! So cute! Maybe I’ll revise this weekend! :) xoxo

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