linen closet

Recently, I was at my good friend Andrea’s home. I was heading to the shower, and she instructed me to grab a towel from the linen closet.

I opened the door to this. I was mesmerized!
I was really excited to have some motivation to clean up my own linen closet! My linen closet wasn’t bad, by any means, but I needed the organization and better visibility of the extra products we have available. Sometimes, I go out and buy something we already have in reserve! Annoying and wasteful!
I was ready to lay out all the things we had around the house and divide them into categories. I picked: essential travel size (my go-to travel products), hotel/travel size, cold/cough medication/allergy medication, band-aids and ointment (first aid), toiletries, shoe polish, and finally contact items… and of course a trash can nearby to disposed of all expired items.
This meant I needed 8 boxes. I then headed out to get my containers! I was on the hunt for clear, simple containers, on the cheap! Home Depot had great stackable ones ranging from 10.00-1.17/ea. I decided on the 1.17 ones. Score! I bought them and headed back home.

Now, onto the easy/fun part – assembling, labeling, and organizing everything into the boxes and on to the shelves.
It’s so nice to have everything we need at eye level, and I get such a rush having another area clean and organized!

I even went out and bought more boxes to do the same with all of our office supplies. They were in a big Rubbermaid tote which we never looked in, because it was heavy and disorganized… Now they are organized beautifully!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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