We’ve had the liberty of hosting a french intern at our home for the last month. The husband’s company is based in France and periodically send French interns stateside, and we were asked to host Alex, a young French college student. It was a great experience and gave me a little insight into what a high school or college child would be like in our home. Ah, the things to look forward to. Even the husband knocking on Alex’s door asking if he was ready to go made me laugh.

We tasked ourselves with showing him some of what Dallas has to offer, and one of my favorite locations we took him (and somewhere I like to go on my Fridays), was the Nasher sculpture garden. It’s a beautiful garden nestled in the middle of downtown Dallas. Plus, just walk across the street, and the Dallas Museum of Art is there for the taking! Score.

We did both. Nasher was featuring Ernesto Nest’s Cuddle on the Tightrope. The artist has been recognized for these large experiment environments. And, Kink, which was built for Nasher was an “elevated crochet environment” you could actually walk through!  It was a fun experience. I think even the husband enjoyed it.

Then we went outside to the garden. I don’t know what it is, but this space never gets old!

After Nasher, we headed over to Dallas Museum of Art. And both the husband and the intern picked apart the art and asked the age old question “why is this art?”.

After a day at the sculpture garden and museum, we headed to the Ginger Man, a local hot spot with a wonderful array of globally-brewed beer. Alex found his favorite!

This was an absolutely wonderful day! Art. It can be anything and I love it all!

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