we got bikes!

image via The Sartorialist

Hi friends! Our birthday month is over (tear.), and we were able to save up for a really exciting item, bikes!! I’m uber excited to share our goods! The picture above is how I think I look… Though, I’m pretty sure I look more like this:

image via Midnight Ridazz Bicycle Ride

If you are in the market for a bike, September is a great time of the year to buy. We read this article and set out to our local bike shop to wheel and deal (pun intended). They usually come out with the new models in September, so the older model (still nice) are discounted! The manager at Richardson Bike Mart reinforced this fact AND took $80.00 off the sticker price. Yay! I was pumped to have a new Trek!

The husband bought his mountain bike online! It was a little less than mine but assembly was required.

Both bikes are great! We even took them out yesterday morning and explored neighborhoods we would not have known existed otherwise. Plus, we stopped off at the grocery store for a couple staple items. There’s just something fabulous about biking to the grocery store or restaurants! I have missed that part of my “youth”, so it’s nice to have a little bit of it now! Lastly and more importantly, this checks off another one of my goals of my, 33 before I’m 33! Happy Monday!

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