I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our couple friends when we were in St. Louis. We really have this unique relationship, one in which we enjoy both of their company. I adore Sarah, the hubs loves enjoys Sarah’s hubs, too. We have so much in common, and she’s a joy to be around. Always bubbly and positive.

Since last seeing Sarah, she had a baby! This weekend was our first time meeting their newest addition, 9-month Addie. I wanted to eat her up! Her facial expression and sheer happy disposition was infectious to be around, much like her mama!

Now, usually I’m that creepy girl at parks or weddings who wants to take pictures of people’s kids that aren’t mine. Luckily, this time I knew the mother and Sarah was all for it AND even suggested it! Gosh, I had a blast with them all. Addison has the best expressions. I want to share some of my favorites from my “mini photo shoot”! And no, her blue eyes aren’t enhanced; they’re that blue! She’s beautiful!

As always, the time with our friends and Addie was way too short but I’m so happy we were able to fit in a small reunion into our busy travel schedule. Gosh, I miss her.

Happy Weekend!

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