guest post: cranky pants

You are all in for a special treat today. On occasion, I like to have a guest write a post, to keep things fresh here! So, without further ado – A gem of an eatery from a gem of a person, Amy Lynn:

There was a time when Eric (my oldest cousin) was babysitting my sister, myself and the girl behind my house talks. My sister must have been about three or four years old, and she just flipped out on him. This screaming tantrum went on for at least an hour or two. Of course, Eric kept his cool and was completely the responsible older cousin. Turns out, my sister was just a little grouchy because she hadn’t been fed.

Well, I admit, it must be genetic.

I too get severe “cranky pants” if I wait too long between meals.

Most of those close to me recognize the signs early on and attempt to quell the beast.

Not too long ago, the boyfriend ran over a screw… on a Sunday night before he had to be at work at 6 am the next morning. We had to get a new tire, now! It took about two hours and five different repair shops, all on an empty stomach. My empty stomach. The screaming three-year-old stomach. Bless his heart, he actually thanked me for keeping calm, even though he knew it was prime time for “cranky pants”.

Which leads me to Humphry’s. If you ever find yourself in Southern California, on a mission for a great meal, you have to go to Humphry’s. These are the most welcoming, sincere folks you could ever hope to come across. Especially when you haven’t eaten… in like, 6 hours!! I have the good fortune of living about 0.25 miles away from this place, yes, I clocked it. They see me often.

Today, I had a breakfast burrito with sausage and salsa, no potatoes.

Other go to’s: Spinach Wrap and the Spinach Salad.

I may even try to make my own rendition in future guest posts, but for now, fly or drive to San Clemente, California for a must-have meal. Seriously, you will not be disappointed. Better yet, bring a friend with cranky pants! ~ Amy Lynn

Happy weekend, Everyone!!

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