gratitude: week 1


This holiday season is filled with fun activities to get everyone into the holiday spirit. I for one am taking part (with a good friend and cousin) in giving thanks to the many things we overlook and take for granted in our lives. We found this list on Positively Present; it was meant to be a thirty day challenge for Thanksgiving but I wanted to extend it a bit to go through the entire holiday season. We are doing five instagram photos each week and submitting them to each other, either as we go or in a lump weekly sum.

I’m loving every minute of this task. It makes you look at your world in a different light. Appreciating the little things. Like this week when I was taking the ‘morning sky’ photo on my way to an appointment. I was thankful to be awake so early, wishing that I was a morning person but grateful I was able to get out of bed, shower, kiss my husband, have coffee already brewing (husband’s doing), eat oatmeal goodness, drive to an appointment, and then drive to a job I love for a full day of active patients and activity. I hope you too stop and give thanks. What a fun season to do so.

Here are my entries for this week:

  1. Favorite Food Yellow Curry Chicken
  2. Smile Funny/Semi-drunk smile. A great unexpected day with the husband I won’t forget.
  3. Happiness My first love, Boston “Bones”, and the hubs.
  4. Leaves Frosted Sugar Cookie Leaves! My favorite cookies ever.
  5. Morning Sky Dallas Sky
  6. Books
  7. Something Funny
  8. Favorite Color
  9. Inspiring Person
  10. Nature
  11. Something Old
  12. Hands
  13. Written Words
  14. Movement
  15. Technology
  16. Animals
  17. Memories
  18. Something New
  19. Best Friend
  20. Seasonal
  21. Where You Sleep
  22. Clothing
  23. In Your Closet
  24. Gratitude
  25. Artwork
  26. Transportation
  27. Daily Routine
  28. Nighttime
  29. Light
  30. Self Portrait

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