gratitude finale

  1. Favorite food – Yellow Curry ChickenFavorite Food
  2. Smile – Funny/Semi-drunk smile. A great unexpected day with the husband I won’t soon forget.Smile
  3. Happiness – My first love, Boston “Bones”, and the hubs.Happiness
  4. Leaves – Frosted Sugar Cookie Leaves! My most favorite cookies ever.Leaves
  5. Morning Sky – Dallas SkyMorning Sky
  6. Books – Tina Fey’s Bossypants is one of my favorites!books
  7. Something Funny – Pugs are always funny!something funny
  8. Favorite Color – Benjamin Moore Rockport Grayfavorite color
  9. Inspiring Person/People – Young House Love Bloggers!! So cool to meet them!Inspiring People
  10. Nature Dog Park trailnature
  11. Something Old – Bing Crosby Merry Christmas Album.Bing Crosby
  12. Hands – My nephew’s hands (and a dimple).Hands
  13. Written Words – Funny words about ordering your steak well done.Written Word
  14. Movement – Window seat.Airplane
  15. Technology – iPad & iPhone, what? …taken by another iPhone.Technology
  16. Animals – My beast Boston or Bones.Bones
  17. Memories – Visitors.memories
  18. Something New – I made a pouf! Post to follow!Cover Pouf
  19. Best Friend – My lady and my man. I like her A LOT despite the weird face. Promise.BFM BFF
  20. Seasonal – Our real Christmas tree.seasonal
  21. Where I Sleepwhere I sleep
  22. Clothing – Work scrubscloths
  23. In Your Closetin my closet
  24. Gratitude – My cup is so fullgraditude
  25. Artwork – Etsy watercolor printartwork
  26. Transportation – GMC Envoy. ‘mericatransportation
  27. Daily Routinedaily routine
  28. Nighttime – Watching TV with my boys.nighttime
  29. Lightlights
  30. Self Portraitself portrait

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