four score…


Four score and seven years ago… actually, four and a half years ago the hubs and I tied the knot. But it wasn’t until a couple of days ago that I actually got our wedding photo framed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been planned to be framed for years. I even incorporated framing it in the arrangement being hung up in our living room.


It’s the top one, still in plastic. After weeks of seeing it up on the wall with just plastic, I decided to put a faux-frame (I had sitting around the house) around the plastic. It cut off some of the wedding party on each end but it looked better than just the plastic.

Gold frame

Finally, one evening I was reading in the living room and looked up at it. It needed a real frame. I was a big girl, with a big girl job; I could afford to frame my lone wedding party photo! I snatched both the frame and the photo off the wall, and the next day I was in a local framing store weighing all my options.

At first I thought I wanted gold, like the frame I had, but the frame master at the store said to look at silvers options too, and I was convinced that it looked the best. It took me four-and-a-half-years to frame the photo and about ten minutes to actually pick a frame and glass. I was amazed. Why hadn’t I done this years ago!?! Oh, right, framing can get expensive! Ha. Two weeks later I was able to pick it up, and I headed straight home to replace the empty spot with a correctly framed photo.

Final Frame

I am in love with my decision and so happy to see all my closest friends and family all framed up! This wall is a nice homage to some of the special travel spots the hubs and I have loved! I love looking at these when I’m sitting in our living room or walking through the front door. I hope our visitors like it, too!

Final Framing

2 thoughts on “four score…

  1. Very nice Sarah, love it,, just think, at this time next year, you will probably be
    changing all your decor with pictures of the new little one.

  2. And besides being a wonderful wedding memory, it lends homage to your roots….the Wausau area of Wisconsin! The arrangement is really attractive Sarah.

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