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Boy Cupcake Cover

This post is a little later than the actual news because we’ve been parading the news to family and friends! But ladies and gentlemen the wait is over. We have a verdict!
It's an Alien

Above is my histotech’s comments after our whole staff ran into the break room to find out what color my cupcakes were for the office! They were blue and green… I bought yellow and white cake mix and mixed in blue food coloring. I figured green was still on the boyish-side but apparently alien or smurf is all anyone could think about! I heart my coworkers!

Unfortunately, with a few tears on my part, we just FaceTimed our families instead of sending them a gender specific cake or cupcakes. Yes, tears. I really wanted to do something more special but understand everyones desire to know *now*. Plus, the proximity of sending something would have taken days and by then one or more of my family members (not saying which ones) would have had a stroke or heart attack. I didn’t want that on my shoulders. Maybe for baby #2.

Our sonogram was pretty awesome and I wanted you all to share in the little bean’s movements … they gave us a CD of the whole thing; below is a tidbit of the video and around 1:29, you can see the technician pointing at an extra appendage on our now known little man. Warning: the kid’s skin at this age is translucent so he can look kinda creepy when he’s looking straight up at us… Then again, I think 3D ultrasounds are creepy, too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The husband and I had a little insight that our bean was a boy. On our 12 week ultrasound the doctor gave us a 95% odds I was carrying a boy, and after the little guy flipped again he said nope, now 98% odds. But it was so much fun seeing him kick and swim around again. We needed this confirmation that our baby was a boy!

Boy Cupcake

I first thought finding out early was kind of selling out or opening our Christmas present early, but I have no regrets. The memory of finding out that day will stick with me forever. The image (half scared/half joy and excitement) when I look over to my husband, as the technician said “it’s a boy!,” was pretty priceless. Plus, a new bond has started with a little boy growing in my belly, and it’s so fun to think of him as a little boy not a just a baby. Even this morning as Otis (our pug) raced off the bed barking, the little man in my stomach started to kick frantically. I laughed at the joys this little guy will have with our dogs and what fun times there are ahead for us all.

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