kickball & cupcakes


For the past two years now, every Wednesday night the hubs and I would venture to downtown Dallas to play a friendly game of kickball with a team built of coworkers, spouses, and significant others. The teammate camaraderie has blossomed into amazing friendships.

2nd Place

Unfortunately, with the bambino’s arrival fast approaching (less than 3 months away!!), the hubs and other team members were a little leery of my ability to tone-down my competitive spirit for these later months. Plus, the ability to hide the bump was getting ever more difficult. That being said, we ending our career in the kickball arena with two championships, two undefeated season, second place a couple of more times and a load of unforgettable memories. Sorry these team photos are so blurry, they were taken with our phones.

Kickball Champs

Kickball Champs II

After our last game… (We lost in the championship game to some crappy calls, FYI) the hubs and I were presented with some amazing loot for the newest member of the Alcoballics Team 2034. They were ever so generous with a couple of autographed kickballs (above) and sports apparel for the wee-one. The husband and I were overjoyed at the generosity of these folks. Seriously, so sweet and unexpected.


If that wasn’t enough, they bought cupcakes!


So, I introduced them to the world of eating cupcakes, Sarah style. I don’t remember who taught me how to eat cupcakes this way, but it makes me laugh every time people notice. They noted I should make a post about “changing their own world of cupcake eating forever!” So here you go, Dan! :)

Basically unwrap the wrapper on the bottom of your cupcake and break off the cake part about half way… like this

1:2 cupcake

Then just place that bottom on the top! Bite in and enjoy! World changing? I hope so!

cupcake finish

The frosting to cake ratio is distributed so much better, and you don’t get frosting all over your fingers! Bonus! Enjoy!

P.S. I eat my bananas from the wrong end, too!

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