fw wedding

Couple Dancing

I’ve had these pictures on my computer for quite some time, and I don’t know why I haven’t shared these with you. Maybe it’s come to my attention now because one my best-est cousins got engaged this weekend, making me think about wedding venues and wedding planning? Happy engagement to Amy & Jon; enjoy all the planning!!

Anyway, the hubs and I were invited to share in a wonderful couple’s wedding in Fort Worth! We decided to make a day of it in Fort Worth, and I got to see the husbands fancy new office and enjoy some of the surrounding area.

We decided to have lunch before the wedding at Yucatan Taco Stand, this fabulous Tex-Mex in Fort Worth’s up-and-coming neighborhood near Baylor. It’s a wonderful street to stroll along to eat, people watch, and shop.

FW Taco Stand

After the lunch, it was time to get all dressed up for the wedding. It was held in Fort Worth’s historic Ashton train depot and was just as aesthetically beautiful as the couple.

FW Venue

They accesorized the space with flowers hanging from the outside fences and trees. It was so tasteful and beautiful.


The wedding was outside the depot and the reception inside. Equipped with a Superman cupcake-cake (for the groom), wedding cake, and an amazing candy bar for us to take home. I think there was real food, too. Ha. Otherwise, just wanted to share with you another wonderful couple’s journey and wedding. My best to Natalie and Seth and all the wonderful couples getting married this year!



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