blogoversary 2

Tiff's Treats Box

Hello Friends! It’s been TWO years writing on my house talks, and I wanted to take this moment to reflect on all the goodness! We’ve transformed our little ranch style house at 614, into a place we now call home. We continue to formulate ideas to create, invent, and share all it’s goodness. Inside these walls, I’ve loved sharing my love for baking and house projects. And I’m just continually overjoyed at all the followers and blog-love I receive. Thank you friends and family for enjoying my little outlet as much as I do!

Here are some of my favorite posts from the year:

1. YHL Bloggers

2. French Workbench

3. Nursery Reveal

4. Apple Cheese Crisp

This year (more like a couple days), we’ll be adding a bambino to our blog roll, and I’m sure he will make an appearance or two-million much like our K9 boys, Boston and Otis!

mht 2nd blogoversary

Instead of going with the traditional slice of cake or cupcake, I stopped by Tiff’s Treats to celebrate. It’s this amazing little gem that was first introduced in Austin and has since expanded to Dallas and Houston. Lucky me! They have a simple philosophy of baking and delivering warm cookies to your work or home! You can add milk, Texas Blue Bell ice cream or Starbucks coffee to your order for an even more amazing experience.

Tiff's counter

During my time in Texas, I have given and have received Tiff’s Treat’s at home and at our office… It’s such an uplifting treat! Who doesn’t love warm cookies during a long work day?!? If you’re ever in the Austin, Dallas, or Houston area definitely order them!!

Tiff's menu

Happy second birthday my house talks! Thank you for the memories… and the cookies! :)

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