5 months


Look who is 5 months old! Jack turned the ripe old age of 5 months on Sunday, all while battling his first infection, the flu. The flu hit our household while we were visiting family in Missouri and Wisconsin. We rang in the new year with snot-filled noses, ready for 2014. Actually, we all crashed before the actual ball drop, and I do believe this is the first time I didn’t stay up until midnight. Sadly, the bottle of champagne is still in the refrigerator. But I digress. Our baby boy turned 5 months last Sunday, and with the addition of movement and grasping, these pictures are becoming increasingly difficult to take. Both the hubs and I were laughing at Jack the whole session.

Elephant 5mn

But don’t worry, we got a couple good ones…

5mn CollageThe little man is oh-so-close to sitting on his own but prefers rolling and grasping objects. He also loves his feet! It seems with every diaper change, he rediscovers them. Otherwise, we’re just loving how 2013 changed our world and looking forward to learning 2014’s plan for us.

Happy New Year, Friends.

4 thoughts on “5 months

  1. He is so sweet and happy. You did get some really good pictures even if he wasn’t feeling the best. Hope you’re all better by now. love your blogs—thanks for sending. Grams J.

  2. Such a cutie. There is a saying “cute as a bug in a rug”. Only thing Jackson isn’t a bug but would be a cute boy in the rug and cuddle up to. These pictures of him at every month are so cute. Soon he will take the elephant and give it a heave. Hope all are over the flu bug. Love to all from Northeast Iowa. Great Gram Kuhse

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