6 months

Eating the Elephant

I could never have imagined what type of demanding schedule one little human could have. This motherhood gig is no joke. Between nursing, bathing, reading, talking, it can be a lot. BUT he’s been a pretty amazing addition to our lives, and I thank my lucky stars he has picked me to be his mama. I cannot quite believe it’s already been six whole months with this guy; it’s been wonderful.

Discovering Toes

Month six has been filled with fun new milestones. Jack’s able to sit up, he’s getting his first two teeth, he’s loving those toes, and we fed him his first taste of food on his birthday weekend (rice cereal and sweet potatoes!). He tolerated it well. Wasn’t loving it, wasn’t hating it… Jack’s a pretty easy going baby.

First Food - Sweet PotatoesHe’s talking and smiling so much; we’re loving watching him discover the world around him… and for the ever famous collage of Mr. Jack growing! Happy half birthday, buddy!

6 months

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