laundry love

Laundry. Someone has to do it. I for one do a lot of laundry. My husband is convinced that I enjoy doing laundry, but I don’t. I just prefer clean clothes over dirty ones. That being said, when doing something I don’t really enjoy, I try to have a positive spin on things. I’ve been looking at a drab old laundry nook for a while that need something. Some sort of an improvement to the space. Some love. The cabinets were stained and filled with extra cleaning supplies and odds-and-ends. Gross.

I decided to make it a little better. What I really want is new cabinetry. Closed cabinets for the space. But considering I wasn’t into demolition this weekend, I decided to paint the current cabinet with paint I already had on hand. Benjamin Moore Halo OC-46 in semi-gloss. The laundry closet was already painted Benjamin Moore Rockport Gray HC-105.

It was a vast improvement from the original. I then assembled the needed laundry items with some fun display items and towels to make a medley of clean but lived-in, well-utilized space. It’s a fabulous site to have some organization in the space. Maybe this will make laundry a little more bearable. Or better yet, maybe this will be more inviting for the husband to do more of it! Then again, would organizing the shed in our backyard entice me to do more yard work? Probably not!