long weekends

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend with Ms. Anna Grace at the front and center.  It was her baptism weekend so we traveled up north to Columbia, Missouri.

We wanted to bring the boys, so we made the 9 1/2 hour journey by car.  It was adventuresome, and we even picked up a turtle that was making it’s own journey across the highway.

We got in late Friday night and woke up Saturday to cinnamon rolls and two wild boys.

The baptism went smooth. It was just trying to get the family picture that was a little more difficult. But it was a success!

After the baptism, we had the whole afternoon to grill out and enjoy the spring/summer weather.

I spent the afternoon taking pictures around the lake!

It was such a fun weekend to get away, and we enjoyed being outside with the family, kids, and chaos. She looks innocent, but we all know better. Ha.

The boys were rather tired from all the activities.

Goodbye Missouri, Welcome back to Texas…