papoose lake

I’m back! Back from my midwest adventures, and yes, I’ll be sharing with you some of my goodness from that trip throughout this week and next! My apologies on the late post – I got back late, late Sunday and have been dealing with pink-eye ever since. I’m just thankful it happened now, opposed to midway through our trip! I would not have been able to get such fun pictures with just one working eye! ha!

The husband and I headed up north for back-to-back wedding weekends, which left us with a week between for our own exploration. We decided to spend some of our vacation at my generous aunt and uncle’s cabin in Manitowish Waters. A beautiful destination in northern Wisconsin, which I highly recommend for a little R&R. They gave us full reign of their cabin and water toys… I’m glad they don’t know my driving record. Just kidding.

We enjoyed every moment of our time up north, and I just couldn’t get enough of the interior design of this cabin. My Aunt Diane has a great eye for design, so I was excited to share some of her cabin style (and my uncle’s) with you! It has the true cabin feel: rustic, but modern with wood throughout, picturesque windows, and even an antler chandelier. Perfection.

The living room has a beautiful stone fireplace, which is used often during those cool Wisconsin nights. I love the old wooden TV that offsets the newer accessories.

Up a fight of stairs and you’re in the loft that sleeps four comfortably.

Here’s the aerial view from the loft.

Downstairs in the basement, my uncle has been working on this amazing sliding barn door that’s all the rage. He used reclaimed barn wood, planed the boards, and it looks absolutely wonderful! Obviously, he still needs to install the track but it looks amazing already! I can’t wait to get back to see it complete!

Besides the interior of the home, there are beautiful views from the dock, too! If you look closely, you can see Boston retrieving one of his many tennis balls during our stay.

We also took the pontoon out, even though I’m always leary of screwing something up … but it went really smooth. Mainly, we just spent time relaxing, while our boys swam.

Don’t worry, we actually left the cabin too, by heading into town for some bare essentials and dinner at Smokey’s, a fine restaurant where we ate WAY too much but had a great time!

The next morning I woke to the husband making breakfast in this beautiful kitchen! There’s nothing sexier than a man that can cook!

Again, I realize I’ve said this before, but truly there is nothing better than Wisconsin in the summer! I hope you all can go at least once! Enjoy the view, clear water, and great food!

Thank you again to my aunt and uncle for allowing our family to enjoy your beautiful space! I hope that someday we, too, have the luxury of paying it forward to one of our nieces or nephews. That would mean we would have to save up for a cabin first, but you get the idea.

Lastly, here’s our attempt at a family picture. I think it’s us. Perfect.