This is one area of my life when my anxiety has actually paid off… I got handheld reassurance that yes, in fact there is a baby in there. Three different times! Though my OB thinks I’m crazy… Actually she just commented that I know way too much about this process because of my education; I feel like I’ve learned more about myself and my amazing body than I’d even thought possible. To share my body with another human for a little over 9 months is a pretty amazing gift I’ve been given. Here’s the little bambino growing up so fast! :)

6 week 2 days

baby snitker 6w:2d

10 weeks 2 days

baby snitker 10w:2d

12 weeks 5 days


Our last ultrasound before we actually get to meet the bambino is at 20w/4d and I’m oh so excited to see what he/she is doing during that visit! If we elect, we can find out the gender at that visit. I think the husband and I have a pretty good idea from the 12w/5d visit, but we’ll see if we’re right!