switchin’ up the kitch

Since I last wrote there has been a lot going on in my personal world, hence the limited amount of love to my blog. But it hasn’t been far from my mind. I’ve maintained trying to do things around the house for fear of going crazy; after all, it’s a passion of mine. (interior design, not the crazy) This house is such a good therapy tool, a way to take your mind off everything else or at least try to.  I now realize the use and effectiveness of such programs as art and music therapy.

During this down time, I found my inspiration in a House Beautiful magazine I picked up on a whim during a recent stop to our local grocery store.  I always elect for the longest grocery lines, so I have the ability to gently page through magazines and not feel guilty for buying magazine that will likely sit on my coffee table for ages.  When I was younger, I was lured into the checkout isle for US Weekly, Cosmo, and People. Now that I’m older and a homeowner, I’m compelled to skim through Southern Living, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart, Cooking magazines, and the occasional US Weekly – Kim Kardashian did what?!  These are all fun to explore during long lines at the grocery store, and sometimes they make it home with me.  That being said, I picked a color from a House Beautiful article, Ralph Lauren (color matched to Home Depot Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint) in Chocolate Souffle.  It was instant love at first coat!  The warm chocolate-brown looks great; I just can’t wait to find the right pedestal table and chairs!


Blue Kitchen

Final LOVE!

We also bought new knobs and handles making most of our navy memories, float way!

We have the hinges and lighting left to change out, and then we can start setting the room!

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