it’s like a yellow brick road

I’ve never thought I would love baseboards more than I do now, HIGH baseboards, as much as I do, NOW. I’ve been walking around the house these days, just following the trail of baseboards from room-to-room… they just keep going, and it’s awesome.

First, it was finding the right fit for the space. 3″? 4″? 5″? then wood or mdf?

Turns out we should not have worried our pretty little heads over baseboards. One call to our fine brother-in-law, and he knew exactly what we needed! At a great price, too. Score! He is a builder in Missouri so we had them shipped down via; its like for shipping. They showed up one Wednesday morning at 4:30 am, and the van was also carrying a lawnmower going to Tulsa, and a yellow labrador heading to Phoenix. I tried to take their Phoenix cargo with no success. I digress.

We got the beautiful baseboards in the house and ooh’d and aah’d over how amazing they are going to look installed. Over the weekend, we painted two coats of Benjamin Moore semi-gloss paint to an already primed wood baseboard. I color matched them to a baseboard sample we had at the house.

They were ready for the party!!

Then, we went to work. Actually, we went to our actual work, while two meticulous installers measured, cut, and nailed those white shiny boards into place! It was so fun thinking of what was happening at home while I was working. Coming home to such a wonderful prize was even better!!

Here are a couple photos of the our new baseboards!



Wood floors

Baseboards – This photo was taken at night, hence the color variation. Also, note a new chandelier in the entryway!! 

Living Room


Wood Floors


We put new baseboards throughout the house but I only could reveal these two rooms as the others are undergoing more fun renovations! The only exception for baseboards are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We have dreams of some day installing new carpet in the bedrooms and doing a total renovation to the bathrooms. A girl can dream!

One thought on “it’s like a yellow brick road

  1. Just love everything and the baseboards are awesome!! Can’t wait to see it all! I’m working on Arlyn about when we can come to see you guys!! How exciting!!!!!! Love, Mom

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