third time’s a charm, right!

So, I feel like I’m Picasso in the many periods of his painting and sculpture career. Except my work is within one canvas, and my periods have taken months not years to produce. Ha.  I’m comparing myself to Picasso? Sorry.

With the new installation of the wood flooring, the chocolate-brown kitchen made the room really dark, so I decided to change the kitchen color… again. We went from navy wallpaper (and 4 layers underneath) to bird-egg blue to chocolate brown and now a grayish with green/yellow undertones. Benjamin Moore calls it Stingray 1529, in eggshell… I’m not painting this kitchen again! Because it’s perfect!

Below is the progression of the kitchen.

The Original ~ Again, I wish I took more pictures of the original, but oh well!

Blue Period

Brown Period – with Laminate floors

Brown Period – Wood Floors

The Present

Just envision some white subway tiles, grayish granite counter tops, farmers sink, new appliances and can lighting… I can see it! I get really excited imagining what it could look like… something like this:

or this.

Our BIG, fun reveal is our new entry into the kitchen!! We had dated columns between the kitchen and family room which I struggled with. I wanted to keep the character and old charm of the house but some things had to go, and this was one of them. I wanted a more open feeling in the kitchen and a little more space for four chairs and table in our kitchen nook, so we decided to do it!  We also took down the wainscoting and took care of the weird mold (surprise!) growing behind the window. Yay!

I’m thinking of this kitchen set from west elm for our kitchen!! I would also like to frame out the window and put in crown molding throughout the kitchen! I think it would look fabulous!

Poof it’s gone…

We’re really excited about the progress, and I’m sure you can see we’re doing something to the family room?!? I’m so excited!!  Stay tuned!

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