spring wreath

Since moving into a home, I’ve found a new love for decorating my entryway with a seasonal wreath… my red wreath was used from Christmas through Valentine’s Day. But now I was on the hunt for a fun spring wreath.  I did my usual looking though Target’s great selection but couldn’t see spending $30.00 – $50.00 dollars on a new wreath.  Luckily my boss has been out for spring break making it easy to browse the internet for ideas.  I found this on a crafting website via Restore Style and thought it was such a fun cheap idea!


– Spanish Moss – I bought 2 bags from the Dollar Tree

– Glue gun & glue sticks (Dollar Tree also has 20 sticks/$1.00, score!)

– Alphabet letter of your choice – I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but saw them in a “paper box-y look” at JoAnn’s too, but the “S” wasn’t that cute; that’s why I go the wood one.

– Adhesive Spray

– Ribbon (I had this at my house)

– Disposable rubber gloves

– Stapler

All-in-all I spent around $10.00 for all my supplies!

Start by applying the moss onto the letter. Lots and lots of glue was scarified for this project.  I put moss on top and then moved to the outer edges.

Continue all around the whole top side of the letter… until it’s lush and full.

Take your creation outside and spray it with adhesive spray.  After spraying the wreath, with gloved hands, mold your moss.  I just said “mold your moss”; why is that so funny to me? Ha. Anyway, this will help any wispy fly-a-ways stay where you want.  It’s like hairspray for your project.

Then, cut your ribbon and apply to the back to the desired height.  I glued mine to the back, waited for it to dry, then stapled it for extra support.

Step back and enjoy your creation!  I think this would be such a fun housewarming, wedding, bridal shower gift, or party decoration!! The possibilities are endless!

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