cup o’ joe

For a couple of months now, I’ve been jonesin’ for this amazing little appliance.  I experienced this old friend of mine in a cute restaurant called Rise! Instead of saving my Christmas gift certificate for something more substantial, I went down to Crate&Barrel and got the original French press; it was beautiful, and I was SO excited to use it for our lazy Saturday morning ritual! (It’s usually sitting around watching American Pickers and drinking coffee. Seriously my favorite part of the weekend.) 

First, start by scooping coffee grinds into the French press! This is based on coffee preference. Strong is another man’s weak. I prefer 3 scoops.

Heat water to almost boiling. Yep, tea pot AND French press is out. And now we’re fancy!

Look at him waiting patiently!

Pour in water and watch the frothy goodness appear.

Stir with a wooden spoon.

Let sit for 4 minutes.

Replace lid and press down very very slowly. This will push all the coffee grinds to the bottom of the press.


And Enjoy! It’s really fun! You should all try!

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