This week went by super fast with work and all our evening plans, so I haven’t had time to catch up and write about last weekend’s activities! We had more visitors!! I could definitely get used to this!

The husband’s parents came down to see us and the progress of our home. I think they were really impressed with all we have done, considering they haven’t seen it (in person) since we moved in! It was also nice to revisit all the changes we have made and realize just how much we have accomplished! Our official list is here.

When they got in Friday, we stayed in and made turkey burgers and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside!

The next morning, they woke up to scones and French pressed coffee, of course!! We then headed out to watch some baseball!

For a moment I thought I was back in Wisconsin?!?!?

The Rangers lost, but we had a great time anyway! Plus, the weather was fantastic! 70’s and overcast – we could not have wished for better weather!

That evening we took them to Frankies, a wonderful Mexican Restuarant in the area which is steps away from my favorite ice cream shop, Fire Fly! We had to introduce them to both!

Trying to save room for ice cream…

Sunday we spent relaxing. We introduced them to our favorite sushi restaurant (our treat for Mother’s Day) and made one trip to Home Depot for Arlyn’s help with some electrical work!

All-in-all another great weekend! It always goes WAY too fast!!

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