oh, nat-ur-al!

I did it!  I took the plunge on Friday and dyed my hair back to it’s (mostly) natural color. As close-to-a-bottle-of-hair-dye-could-provide natural color.  It took a little encouragement from a friend, a cousin, and a hairdresser (do you call them that?) to get the job done but it’s a fun new change! Gosh, I cannot believe my hair could possibly be this dark!

Usually, I would schedule my hair appointments every 6-8 weeks, and for the past three visits, I would tell my hairdresser, “I want to go natural”.

He would say okay. Are you sure?

I then would pause, and say, “no, the usual, please!”

He and I would laugh, and I would be blonde for another month and a half.

This time it was different, I had my 33 before 33 in mind, and I wanted a change, a big change! Like Carrie in the first Sex in the City movie!

Below is a picture of me semi-panicked as Blue (my hairdresser) mixes up the color!

Here goes nothing…

Processed and waiting for style. Still questioning, what was I thinking?!?

All in all I’m really happy I did it. For one, I think I look more like a mix of my parents. I have my mom’s eyes and smile and apparently her hair, too. I love that my eyes look more green than just brown and my skin tone seems to match better; who knew?!

And here’s the final, with a little curl.

I thought this would save us some money, but now I get to explore a whole new color scheme in makeup and wardrobe… eek!

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