givin’ blood

This Sunday our church was having a blood drive after the service, and I was so excited to donate!! Not only is it for a good cause (I saved helped three people) but yes, it was my number ONE on my 33 before 33 list! I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to donate because I answered “yes” to having had an aspirin within the last 48 hours! But luckily I was good to go!

If you haven’t donated, make sure to wear warm clothes. I was in a dress and super cold!  After going through the registration and questionnaire, I was set to donate. The phlebotomist said I didn’t have that great of veins, which is always great to hear as a first timer.

“Did anyone ever tell you, you have small veins?” Nope, this is my first time donating! I’m real excited and a little nervous.

“Okay. You’ll feel a stick and a burn.” Okay. Wow, is that a 16 gauge? “Yes, it’s big.”

And I start.


Meanwhile the husband registered, did his questionnaire, and got hooked up. He started about 5 minutes after me and finished about 10 minutes before me!

I was told “I’m not a bleeder”, which is funny because I always wondered where my patients got the notion to say “I’m a free bleeder”. I chuckle everytime I here it! After a while of slowly bleeding out (ha ha, that sounds gory), they gave me a glove to squeeze hoping to speed up the process.

It worked well considering my “small veins” and “slow donation” situation. I’m sure many have donated before but I’m glad I have and will probably do it again.  Maybe I’ll try my left arm next time?!?

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