we got a pool!!

Ever since I told Boston we were moving into a house, on his wish list has been a pool! We didn’t want a real one (don’t tell Boston) but we’ve been hunting for a little pool for him to enjoy especially before it heats up. We got one this weekend at Dollar General, though a little too small, he absolutely loved it! We’re on the hunt for a bigger one but this will have to do.

Otis wasn’t too sure about all this wetness! But Boston loved it!

Otis just watched and tried to avoid getting splashed!

Boston had a great time putting his football in…

And out!

Then we filled it up again.

Then more splashing and footballs in and out!

With all the fun Boston was having, we wanted Otis to join in!  We put his ball in the pool… and here’s him gingerly getting it out.

He was not a fan! How dare we put his ball in the pool!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their own pools, big or small, in-ground or plastic!

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