closet cubby

This little cubby has been bothering me for a while. It’s a built-in I have in my closet. A beautiful space that hasn’t been used well at all. It’s been a visible junk/catch-all and everytime I walk into my closet, I cringe. I want to spend some time reinventing the space and making it more functional and beautiful, but I don’t want to spend too much money on this space especially considering someday we’re going to renovate the whole closet and bathroom space.
I’ve been pinning different ideas on Pinterest and found this inspiration. I also wanted a place for a cork-board. I could have a single place for my inspirations. I tend to cut out multiple magazine clippings that get scattered in various folders and notebooks. So having a place to put a few of them would be fun, too!
I wanted a place for my jewelry, design, and clothing inspiration, so I set out to make a cork-board. I got a 50% off coupon at Michael’s this weekend and used it on the cork-board. At JoAnn’s fabrics (another coupon in hand), I found clearance fabric, a bust, and hook-and-eyes for the frame of necklaces. The other supplies: adhesive spray, wallpaper, duct tape, and a frame I already had around the house.
I used duct tape to attach two squares of cork-board together and applied adhesive spray to attach the fabric to cork-board.
I used duct tape to attach the fabric to the back of the cork-board.
Easy, right?!
I’m still obsessed with the trellis pattern now living in my dry bar (as wallpaper) and kitchen (as roman shades). Seriously, I could have this pattern in every room, and it wouldn’t get old. I love it! I considered even buying this print as pillows in my bedroom or living room… obsessed! So, I decided to use some of the leftover wallpaper for my closet frame. First, I cut the cork-board to the size of the frame.
I used adhesive tape and duct tape just as I did with the fabric board.
Then, I assembled my collection on the wall! I just used 4 small nails for the cork-board and applied a picture frame hanger to the back of the frame to hang.
And just one close-up for fun!
I am absolutely loving this space.  A simple and cheap alternative to bring some life back into this closet space… why not make your closet fun!
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