shopping in the wind

Yes, one more Chicago post! Did I mention I’m in love with this city? It’s my favorite. The best friend and I ventured out to a couple of new shops I’ve heard amazing things about, and they didn’t disappoint!

It’s amazing to see how our (the best friend is usually adventurous with me) shopping tastes have changed. When we first moved to the city, we would shop on the cheap for food and clothes, collectively. When we started our careers and had a bit more independence, we started to branch out away from the chain restaurant and stores; we would shop boutiques after boutiques for the best outfits for ourselves. Then it moved toward wedding gown shopping, and now, our weekend was filled with furniture and baby stores! Oh how Chicago has always been able to accommodate our ever changing needs!

Jayson Home & Garden was in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood with fabulous displays of fine furniture and accessories. Eye candy for the home owner.

We then moved on to P.O.S.H. which was a fabulous place for great dining, kitchen accessories, and great display pieces. Another gem in this vast city.
Did I mention our level of sophistication in happy hours has changed too? After all day of shopping, we headed to a cute restaurant called Pops. Champagne after a day of shopping with your best friend and new baby… There isn’t anything better!
Happy Monday! After work, maybe drink some champagne?!

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