i got mail

I get REAL excited about the mail and deliveries. Yes, the mail. I love coming home, the anticipation, sorting it,  and organizing it. I love getting the mail opener out and opening all the goodness. Yes, I should be 80+ years old, but I just love paper! And deliveries!

This past week I ordered a piece for our entryway and have been oh so excited to display it. I tracked it all the way to our door.

Here is the package!

And here’s the big surprise!! It’s a ginormous “S”! I’ve been wanting it for months and  got the idea from a blog post on Restored Style. I knew I had to have my own! I finally pulled the trigger last weekend and have been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival ever since. It’s an Anthropologie oversized zinc letter!

I even had it on my 614 project list! Cross that off – it’s done! I love how the mahogany and metal work together! Here’s to a happy entryway and an even happier homeowner.

*the Labrador model gets paid in treats! He he.

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