city craft

I have been really excited for a month now about my beginners sewing class! I signed up and have had it on the calendar for weeks now and was so excited to head out after work for the class!

City Crafts is a fabulous sewing and fabric boutique in downtown Dallas! They have an abundance of modern fabrics and such a friendly staff.

City Crafts offers sewing classes for all ages, too. They have classes where you make an oil cloth tote and zipper, a throw pillow with invisible zipper, one on modern patchwork quilts, and even summer camps for kids! Fun stuff is happening on Lovers Lane in Dallas!

In tonight’s class, we attempted to make a messenger bag!
We had the most adorable instructor, Kaitlan, that instructed and encouraged us through the whole process! It was so fun to walk away with a finished product!!
It was such a fun class, and I’m so excited to sign up for more and do a couple projects on my own! I encourage all to try or get your kids involved with sewing. Happy Weekend everyone!

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