fish boil

Anyone who grew up in Wisconsin has heard of the “friday night fish fry” and anyone vacationing in Door County has heard of “the fish boil”. Vacationers come back year after year comparing and contrasting the fish boil experiences they have had at different venues.
I, however, have never been to a fish boil. Now, I’ve had my fair share of friday night fish fries but never a fish boil until last week – and it never ceases to surprise my local Wisconsinites. Yes, I grew up here. No, never a fish boil.

So, we set out to do just that. Watch a man boil fish! We decided on White Gull Inn, one of the oldest fish boils in the area. Our presenter was named Nick, who I think must play Santa Claus in winter. He was great, and I got a lot of great pictures of him in action.

Once the fish was cooked, it was time to head indoors and enjoy Lake Michigan whitefish! It was a really enjoyable experience, and I would encourage everyone to participate at least once! Oh… and save room for the cherry pie (made with locally grown cherries)!

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