stone’s throw winery

A little bit of Napa in the Midwest? I’ll take it!

Stone’s Throw is a fabulous winery nestled in the beautiful landscape of Door County. You can’t get better than that, especially in the summer!
They blend their homegrown grapes with California’s finest to make an outstanding blend of wines. They call it the “traditional one barrel at a time way”. My Stone’s Throw favorite is Uncle Gino’s, a great table red!

The actual tasting takes place in part of a 90-year-old barn they’ve reinvented for their winery. For a mere $5.00, you can taste five wines…AND you get to keep the glass! Score! The hard part is choosing just five!

After finishing our tasting, we went out with the bocce ball set and started a friendly competitive game of bocce ball between the couples. All while savoring a bottle of Uncle Gino’s, of course!

I would recommend this quality winery to anyone! It has so much character and such a great sophisticated feel without the pretentiousness.

Oh, and we found out a helpful tip for port wine drinkers. The husband, NOT I, loves port. Port is not like all other wine – it doesn’t go bad after a couple of days! So don’t throw it away! You can keep if for YEARS and the tastes keeps changing. Crazy. Right?

Paul and I actually first found this winery the year we got engaged, or maybe it was the year before?!? We wanted real red wine, not the “fruit stuff” (there is always a time and place for that, too) but we wanted red wine. I don’t remember who suggested Stone’s Throw, but I could hug them! Plus, it was fun to look back at the changes and growth Stone’s Throw had in the past five years! I tried to get the same spot we stood five years ago.

I hope everyone has a great Friday, maybe a happy hour filled with red wine?

Don’t mind if I do!

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