water, with sparkles? sure.

I’ll admit it. I’ve been addicted for way too long to Diet Coke! I would have one during lunch at work, then that turned into two during work, then one after work, then… well, you get it – it was getting bad! Plus, with all the uncertainty behind artificial sweeteners, I wanted to stop for good. I wanted to make it a treat, not a necessity. Here’s my nemesis.

I was talking with friends about my habit and wanting to stop… They asked if it was a caffeine or carbonation habit, and I hadn’t thought about it like that. Caffeine or Carbonation? I was pretty sure I wasn’t affected by caffeine… So, maybe carbonation?

They immediately referenced sparkling water, and I was intrigued. I’ve seen those fancy green San Pellegrino and Perrier bottles before but didn’t have much desire to try them until now. I went to the market and was so excited… All that water goodness! What a fun new world to explore!
It worked like a charm! This little glass during lunch or with dinner is such a refreshing, guilt-free treat! It’s been working for a couple of weeks now, and I really don’t have a desire for Diet Coke anymore!
Plus, that statement of “caffeine doesn’t affect me” couldn’t be further from the truth! I haven’t slept this well in years!!

So, if anyone out there is trying to kick their own soda habit, try sparkling water (I add a lime to mine) and see if that does the trick! Or does anyone out there like any particular flavor(s)? I would love suggestions!

Thanks J&A for the realization and thank you Central Market for the selection!

Watch out coffee, you might be next! 

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