happy birthday


My birthday was last tuesday. I turned the big three-one and can’t quite grasp where those years have gone!? All-in-all, I’ve been blessed and have little to complain about. My life has been getting a little better with each passing year. Plus, the beauty of growing up is, you don’t have to make a big to-do about your birthday OR you can! That’s the fun! And you can buy yourself your own gift! Even better!

The husband and I are putting 100.00/wk starting this month, plus any money we get for our birthdays (His birthday is in August, too) toward bikes! Not top-of-the-line bikes, just some good used ones. We’ve been looking at Craigslist, and I can’t wait to finally pull the trigger!

Nonetheless, we still had to do something on my birthday, right? Of course, my wonderful office got me a cake and a Visa gift card! The husband got me two cookies from my favorite bakery in Dallas, Magnolia’s, and I decided to walk through West Elm for my after work treat! I just wanted to see the goodness and get some inspiration for the rooms we still need to fill! Afterwards, we headed to dinner at Royal Thai, our favorite Thai restaurant in the city!!

Honestly, this was a great way to start a new year. Nothing crazy! Nothing fancy. Just good conversation and great food. Plus, we’re heading north for a week to see both of our families! I’m considering this a birthday present, too!

If this is any indication of how 31 will be, I am super excited!


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