gum drop pillow pouf

Cover PoufI don’t know about you, but I’ve been drooling over poufs for the last couple months! They are just sitting pretty everywhere these days!

Serena & Lily

West Elm


Garnet Hill

I was going to buy a leather one, but with a price tag between 100.00 – 450.00, I’m not sure I’d be happy with my decision. That’s a huge chunk of change! Luckily, I discovered when I was taking my beginning sewing classes at City Craft they offer a pouf making class! I was SO excited. They use Amy Butlers gum drop pillows pattern. The criteria to attend were taking the beginner sewing class and knowing how to thread the machine. So, I had even more motivation to start! Unfortunately, my schedule and theirs didn’t align until this weekend. So, I jumped on it! I was so excited and nervous for the class.

For four hours (it felt like 30 minutes) on Saturday, I sewed my little heart out and had so much fun meeting my fellow pouf makers! First, we cut the pieces of fabric into 8 wedges.



Then the sewing started! That’s the fun part!


After all the sewing, we stuffed our pouf with more filling than you’d even believe!! It was a workout! But it was so rewarding and I got a super exciting present at the end! My pouf!! I highly recommend this class to anyone, beginners included! I kept up with the ladies that have been sewing for years and got great tips from them all day long!

poufThere are so many places to display this goodness!

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