nursery design board

Please excuse my design board. It’s the cut-and-paste variety but I heart it all the same and hope you get the idea.

Nursery Mood Board

Source list: menagerie bookend & rolling storage crates – serena & lily, giraffe bust – anthropologie, squared lacquered tray – west elm, martini side table – west elm, bird’s nest hanging lamp – serena & lily, parklane 3-in-1 crib – wal-mart, presidio glider – senera & lily or grano gliding recliner, Pouf – DIY’d, patchwork dresser – west elm.

I plan on keeping the wall color Benjamin Moore Pashima AF-100 and staying very gender neutral, as we’re on the fence about finding out the gender at 20 weeks. If I do find out, I can incorporate more gender specific details and maybe paint the ceiling or the closet a corresponding pastel color. Oh, the possibilities!

Honestly, I always thought I would be the girl that could wait until the birth for the big reveal. I was always a believer, big believer in: Santa, The Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny. Never would I think to search for presents or Easter candy prior to the big event. But this little person growing inside of me has me feeling differently. I seem to want to know with each passing day if it’s a little boy or girl in there. Isn’t 20 weeks a long enough wait!?! Ha. I think you can see which side of the fence I’m leaning on. I’ll keep you posted with the baby and nursery!

gum drop pillow pouf

Cover PoufI don’t know about you, but I’ve been drooling over poufs for the last couple months! They are just sitting pretty everywhere these days!

Serena & Lily

West Elm


Garnet Hill

I was going to buy a leather one, but with a price tag between 100.00 – 450.00, I’m not sure I’d be happy with my decision. That’s a huge chunk of change! Luckily, I discovered when I was taking my beginning sewing classes at City Craft they offer a pouf making class! I was SO excited. They use Amy Butlers gum drop pillows pattern. The criteria to attend were taking the beginner sewing class and knowing how to thread the machine. So, I had even more motivation to start! Unfortunately, my schedule and theirs didn’t align until this weekend. So, I jumped on it! I was so excited and nervous for the class.

For four hours (it felt like 30 minutes) on Saturday, I sewed my little heart out and had so much fun meeting my fellow pouf makers! First, we cut the pieces of fabric into 8 wedges.



Then the sewing started! That’s the fun part!


After all the sewing, we stuffed our pouf with more filling than you’d even believe!! It was a workout! But it was so rewarding and I got a super exciting present at the end! My pouf!! I highly recommend this class to anyone, beginners included! I kept up with the ladies that have been sewing for years and got great tips from them all day long!

poufThere are so many places to display this goodness!

fall wreath

Happy Monday, Friends! Considering Texas doesn’t have the beautiful changing leaves of the Midwest, I needed to make my own rendition! Plus, I wanted a fall wreath for our front door.

I headed over to Michael’s (all Halloween/Fall items are 50% off) and bought:

  • wreath
  • floral wire
  • leaf garland x 3
  • faux gourds
  • a wooden “S” (for our last name)

All the supplies totaled approximately $25.00.

I attached the leaves to the wreath using floral wire.

Then attached the accessories. (sunflower, gourds, pumpkins, etc.)

To finish it off, I added the monogram “S” to the center. It was originally white which, I felt, stood out too much so I spray painted the letter with a gold “champagne mist” paint! Attach with ribbon, and you’re done!

I loved the gold so much that I decided to paint a pumpkin gold! I love it!

Hello Fall! Happy Monday!

chalkboard pumpkins

Hi Friends! October has creeped up quickly and it’s always a super fun decorating month/season! All those gourds and warty pumpkins to choose from – how does one person decide?!

I’ve been putting them everywhere around the house!

Even Otis got into the season! (He’s a little nervous I might steal his pumpkin in this picture.)

With all of these pumpkins around the house, I wanted to start decorating them! I bought chalkboard spray paint and used it on my pumpkins! I picked up the spray paint at Home Depot and used the spray paint can instructions to spray the pumpkins! I also let the tops dry and flip each pumpkin over to spray the bottoms.

They look super cool in just the matte black, but it was more fun to get the chalk out and draw on them!

I could totally see this being really fun for kids! Maybe a countdown to Halloween? Or just a new face on the pumpkins each day? The possibilities are endless!

Happy Weekend… and pumpkin loving season!

city craft

I have been really excited for a month now about my beginners sewing class! I signed up and have had it on the calendar for weeks now and was so excited to head out after work for the class!

City Crafts is a fabulous sewing and fabric boutique in downtown Dallas! They have an abundance of modern fabrics and such a friendly staff.

City Crafts offers sewing classes for all ages, too. They have classes where you make an oil cloth tote and zipper, a throw pillow with invisible zipper, one on modern patchwork quilts, and even summer camps for kids! Fun stuff is happening on Lovers Lane in Dallas!

In tonight’s class, we attempted to make a messenger bag!
We had the most adorable instructor, Kaitlan, that instructed and encouraged us through the whole process! It was so fun to walk away with a finished product!!
It was such a fun class, and I’m so excited to sign up for more and do a couple projects on my own! I encourage all to try or get your kids involved with sewing. Happy Weekend everyone!

dry bar & wallpaper

I’ve been rather excited for this project and reveal! But oh so nervous to make a decision on what to do with the space and to-do-it-myself! I’ve been conjuring up ideas for this space for a while and procrastinated on actually putting it together even longer. There were so many times I wanted to call up an expert to put up the wallpaper, but I didn’t … and I’m happy I didn’t!

One of the reasons we bought our house was the love for the built-ins. In our living room, we are reinventing one of the built-ins as a dry bar.
Here’s the original, before we moved in:
We first wanted to add a backsplash to the space. We played with a couple ideas of putting the backsplash throughout the space or just at the base. We found a great backsplash with a lot of different grays and stainless steel and decided we would do the base only.  This seemed like the best option for the space and for what we were trying to accomplish. Then I was on a mission to find a fun pattern or paint color for the shelves. I first tried Benjamin Moore Dragonfly AF-510 but it was hideous.  So hideous I didn’t even take a picture.
For the backsplash, we bought the tile from Floor & Decor and the grout in Snow White from Home Depot. We decided to give the task to the pros and paid the door installers $75.00 to install the backsplash. Worth. Every. Penny.
Once that was done, it was my turn. I ordered the wallpaper and had to wait about a month for it to come in! Crazy! But it gave me more time to stress out (a little bit more) about what the heck I was thinking when I decided to DIY the wallpaper.
This was the weekend though: Wallpaper 101!
Tools I used:
  • Scissors
  • Soft wall brush
  • Flat tool (to smooth out the wallpaper)
  • Tape measure and ruler
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Premixed, undiluted, clear vinyl adhesive paper
  • Utility knife
I referenced the Schumacher Screenprinted Wall Paper Instructions.
Start by preparing the surface for wallpaper. There was paneling within the shelves so I filled it with wood filler, sanded the area, and painted the surface with primer. I washed off the surface with soap and water before applying the wallpaper.
Once the surface is prepped, cut the wallpaper to size. Leave about 2″ on each end to adjust for trimming. I left a little less just because I wanted the pattern to continue from each shelf, seamlessly. I put a “T” for top on the back of each piece and indicated which shelf I wanted each piece to be placed. (i.e. TA, for Top Shelf Piece) I recommend marking the wallpaper; it was such a time and sanity saver! Take the time, I’m telling you!
Apply wallpaper paste, being careful to cover all the edges. Fold each end of the strip toward the middle, paste sides together, aligning edges carefully so they do not dry out. Roll the folded strip as you would a loose newspaper, again being careful to keep edges aligned. Allow the folded and rolled strips to “relax” for 2-3 minutes. (this may vary with the type of wallpaper you are working with.) Do not skip this step.  Also, make sure to immediately wipe off any paste you get on the front side of your wallpaper. This will eliminate any chances of the pattern getting ruined.
After letting the paper relax, bring to the wall and hang. Carefully smooth air pockets, wrinkles, or excess paste from center of the strip towards the edges using your flat tool.
Trim excess at floor and ceiling with a utility knife: use a new blade for each cut. Be sure to wipe off any excess paste from the surface of the strip with a damp sponge immediately. Any residual paste may cause damage to the printed surface.
Repeat the procedure with the next strip, sliding it into position with the edge butted up against the preceding strip. Do not overlap seams.
And Repeat. Repeat and Repeat. Full coverage pattern “book” (adhere) in about 10 minutes. (Again this will vary depending on your wallpaper.) Yes, I did the cabinets, too!! It’s so fun to see the pattern continue to each area. Success!
I used this picture for inspiration to organize my glassware: found on Pinterest.
Here’s the before and after together!
And close-ups.
This was a great project, and if you are looking into wallpapering something yourself… Do It! I takes a little time but the wallpaper is forgiving and you’ll do great!
I think I’ll have a little vino to celebrate my accomplishment.

pinster style

I’ve loved the idea of Pinterest for a long time. I first logged into Pinterest in 2009, not knowing quite how the whole thing worked, but I loved the idea of endless arrays of pictures at your fingertips.  Since then, actually within the last couple of months, I figured it all out, and it has been such a wonderful way to research ideas for my home, wardrobe, and recipes.  One pin that I frequently receive ‘likes’ and ‘repins’ on is my DIY brush holder.  I first found it on Pinterest and wanted to make my own.

My inspiration: here.

I went out to Hobby Lobby when they were having one of their many sales. 50% off all vases! Score! I swooped up this great square vase for only $4.00!

I then went into my kitchen cabinet to find some coffee beans. I know this is sac-religious to coffee lovers, but trust me on this one!

I then filled the vase about 1/2 full of coffee beans. I wanted to make a pot of coffee right then and there; don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Collect all of your make-up brushes.  Yes, I seem to have a lot of them?!? And yes, my blush brush has been attack by a young yellow lab who will remain nameless. And finally no, I don’t use half of them but they are so fun to have around… just in case.

Assemble to your liking!

Shifting around the brushes when you are getting ready releases such a wonderful coffee aroma; you’ll be ready for the day… and a cup of joe!

a wedding and orange toes

Springtime in Dallas is absolutely beautiful…. it has to be, to gear everyone up for the absolutely miserable summer to follow.  Luckily, brides in Dallas are smart and schedule their weddings during this beautiful time of year.  We had the pleasure of going to our friends, Taylor and Amber’s, wedding this past Saturday and seeing them start their new life together.

As I was a guest, I also took a couple snap shots of the fun ideas and details of their wedding.  The venue was an old warehouse with exposed beams and brick in North Dallas and the details were not overlooked.

They had a gift table with an adorable bird cage for cards… yes, I know this picture is blurry! It was dark and I didn’t want to use my flash. (tear).

On the sweet’s table, they had these adorable napkins!  They also had chocolate-covered strawberries, which was a fun alternative to cake!

Mason jars with vintage family photos were part of the tables’ centerpieces.  They also had placed vintage paper that were made into flowers throughout the venue… which I loved and took one home as a keepsake. Don’t worry, I plan to tell Amber.

and at home…

There was an entire wall in the bar area covered with vases and one yellow daisy in each.  This photo doesn’t give this massive  wall justice!

We sent them away to Costa Rica with sparklers…

They gave each guest seasoned walnuts in cute silver boxes. They were set in this adorable vintage suitcase draped with vintage lace. Love!

After saying goodbye to the beautiful couple, Paul and I walked across the street to a rooftop bar, where we talked and danced the night away.

During all the weekend activities, I did manage to cross one item off my 33 before I’m 33 list. I went to a local Palm Beach Tan, because they were having a 2 for 1 special on Mystic Tan; I figured it was now or never! Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert (look streaky feet.. okay my whole body!), but here are a couple of things I’ve learned from the experience.

  1. Exfoliate before you go; that way, the spray tan will be applied to fresh skin, giving you a more even tone, lasting longer.
  2. Listen to the mystic tan lady! I was supposed to rotate 4 different times, and I didn’t! Ha. I ended up getting a double coat on one side. Lesson learned.
  3. Work hard to wipe off your hands with paper towels and baby wipes, then wash them with soap and water before you leave, especially your palms!
  4. Make sure you give yourself time. You aren’t supposed to shower for a least 4 hours after the mystic tan, so if you’re planning on doing it for an event, plan accordingly.
  5. Mystic tan or bust… honestly, if you worked with me for a day, you would understand. And no, tanning beds ARE NOT better for you than regular sun.  Wear sunscreen and reapply often.  Make sure the sunscreen is UVA and UVB protective, and SPF 40 or higher is the best. All work the same, but some feel better than others. Here’s my favorite, Elta MD.

I hope everyone had as great of weekend as we did! 

oldie but a goodie

One of the reasons we fell in love with our 1964 home was that it still possessed many of the original details. I love all the built-ins, knobs and pulls, and the light fixtures in two of our bathrooms.  The only ones we plan or have replaced thus far are the ones the previous owners replaced themselves…. Probably in the 80’s. I’m trying to keep a lot of the original fixtures, but updating them to our style.

Painting the ceiling in our master bathroom brought to my attention the need for some major love to the original light fixture in the space. I took down the white bowl fixture and assessed it’s wear. It needed some cleaning.

I cleaned the glass bowl and went to Lowe’s with the fixture in hand to look at spray paint.  Holy cow, I haven’t been in the spray paint section for years! It definitely had babies, lots of paint can babies. It was practically the whole row, filled with endless paint colors and textures!  I was thinking of a brushed flat black when I went in, but came out with a mix of black and grayish hammered goodness from Rust-Oleum “trusted quality from 1921”.
I took the whole fixture off the ceiling. Make sure to kill the power (safety first), then used steel wool to take off any loose paint, rust, and mildew from the surface. This also helps rough up the fixture for the paint to stick.
Looks better already! I used painters tape to tape off anything I didn’t want to be spray painted such as the wires and opening to the lightbulb. Now spray away! Outside. On paper. Let set for 90 minutes. Obviously, use your own can’s directions for recommended drying time.
Remount fixture in the bathroom! Look at her shine! Giving new life to an old piece makes me so happy! They don’t make ’em like they used to, so might as well try to save ’em!
I have plans to try this idea (a different color) on the door knobs and pulls in our dry bar! We’ll see?!?