YHL Bloggers

Sherry WavingOn my goodness, Oh my goodness! I met these two bloggers a couple months ago now and still can’t believe it. I know, I know, super dorky of me, but this is my love! Decor and design! They do decor and design – we could be friends. They are the couple who established Young House Love an inspiring blog that helps with all things home and family. They influenced some of my decisions in our home renovations. Painting my fireplace, using Benjamin Moore’s rockport gray HC-105, painting my bathroom with stripes and the overall desire to pay for things as I go. Sherry and John are thrifty shoppers.

YHL BookThey were in Dallas signing their new book about home improvement at West Elm, and luckily for me, I was in town, too! So, I had to meet them. I spent a couple of hours in line but worth the wait… plus, it was winding through West Elm, which wasn’t a bad Saturday afternoon. Here’s the line…

West Elm Line

Sherry was as bubbly as she sounds on her blog; even after signing hundreds of books in front of me, she was still as chipper as ever. John was sweet too and liked my iPhone case! Ha. I was speechless and totally dork-ed out on saying anything cool (doesn’t that always happen)! I had all this great material before I was at the front of the line and totally lost it. All I got out was – you two have been such an inspiration. I’ve painted my bathroom, fireplace, and have my own love for Rockport gray. I’m sure it actually sounds like.. hi. you too, inspiration. I like paint and bathrooms… I guess it could have been worse! :) Here they are in all their glory, I still think I photoshopped myself in and didn’t actually meet them!

Inspiring PeopleThey have been an amazing resource. And I’m sure when I have wee-ones, I’ll check back to their family section to see what they suggest.

I suggest this yhl blog to any home improvement peeps that want beautiful home goods on a budget. They make me feel happy that Paul and I have saved up for most of our things in our house. Happy reading and DIY-ing!

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