dining table

Dining Table

We went mainstream on our dining table…. Yep, feel like I sold out. BUT all the people, places, and websites we visited that had or made dining tables, we just weren’t impressed. They just didn’t fit our style or well, looked too cheap or too rustic for the space. We kept going back to this one at Pottery Barn.

Our gift to each other for Christmas this year was a couple pieces of furniture, so we finally pulled the trigger on this piece after months of back-and-forth. It’s light wax pine makes a fun contrast to our dark hardwood floors, and we feel with kids (someday) in our future, it will be durable. It’s dull enough that the scratches we put on it won’t really change the look like a shiny gloss finish would. We actually (encouraged by the manager) took a fork to the table at the store to make sure it would hold up or at lease add to the rustic feel.

Dining table top

detail table end

detail dining table

I’m already getting excited for the table centerpieces and have visions throughout the year of fun collections!

Dining CenterpieceOur plan is to buy the matching bench, and I need to find some fun end chairs and two other dining chairs. These are the ideas I have in mind but nothing is set in stone.

PB Bench

PB Bench

West elm high back (for the head of the table).

WE Chairs

West Elm

Mid century modern – idea for chairs opposite the bench.

Hvidt Dining Chairs

I’m just really pleased to look out from our galley kitchen and see a dining table in there. I’m excited to sew table runners for seasons to come and hopefully have our families down to share a holiday together! Thanksgiving 2013?!? Maybe!! ;) Plus, this chalks off another 33 before I’m 33! Yay!

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