happily amazed

A few weeks ago the hubs and I got some semi-unexpected news:

Prego Test

There’s about ten more of these, but I figured you’d get the idea. I say semi-expected because we started semi-trying the same month we got pregnant.

I’ve had extreme mixed emotions since the day I found out we were pregnant. From what have I done? To holy cow it worked? To am I really pregnant? (hence the multiple tests). With all these mixed emotions, I still feel truly blessed. Blessed that I didn’t make the plans, (okay, thats kinda a lie. I love organization and control.) Blessed with our families’ reactions. Blessed and extremely lucky to not have to go through the heartache and trouble of infertility. Blessed that I have multiple friends and family to turn to for questions and answers about pregnancy and raising children. Plus, I get to decorate a nursery! I’m really excited for that too, obviously!

Guessing what’s on my reading list these days?

Prego Books

*Thanks to my sister-in-law, I have lots to read!

Overall, we’re just happy to welcome our new addition coming early August and start our family of three… Technically family of five, with the boys too, of course!

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