resolution 2013

New Years Resolutions


My resolutions this year are simple ones. No climbing Mount Everest on this list, just strengthening and adding some elements of health and function into my world. I know it’s already 1.23.2013, so as long as I start prior to 2.1.2013, I’ll be happy! P.S. I don’t know what it is about 2013, but I’m loving it!

  • Walk the dogs AM and PM – since moving into our house, sometimes opening up the back door sounds like a better plan than getting dressed for the elements and walking our boys. But I and the dogs are both disappointed in this decision. We both get less exercise, and the boys really enjoy it.
  • Workout – The husband started a new job and his new work schedule leaves me time after work to go running outside AND shower before he walks into the door! So, I need to pack my workout gear or wear it to work, so I have no excuses not to head directly to the gym after work! My hope is to do this 2-3x/week. The other days I have tennis or kickball.
  • Make meals – Planning is the hardest part of making meals. I love to cook when I have the supplies. 4x/week, make our meals at home.
  • Focus on the future, put away the past – I’m a dweller. Would’ve. Could’ve. Should’ve. I need to embrace the now! Because it goes by so fast.
  • Pay off debt (cc and student loans) – I took on working a couple Fridays a month to have more income to help pay off any debt we might have and to buy a couple new pieces of furniture!
  • Wash my face at night – This may seem easy to most. But I’m dead tired when I go to bed, and I’m lucky if I take out my contacts. That needs to change, I’m not a teenager anymore and need to make that a routine!
  • Go to church – Like a good workout, it feels great every time I leave church. We have, count them, four. Four different services to choose from each Sunday. 8:30,9:45,11:00, and 5:30. We must find one that will work with our schedules.
  • 8:20 am – get to work. Last year my resolution was to get to work by 8:15, and I can count on two hands when that happened. So, 8:20 it is. I can totally do that!
  • Continue 33 before my 33! It’s such a fun process and my ultimate resolution/buckle list!

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